Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cribs, Changing Tables, Baby Shower Invites and My Boobs :-)

Before I write about what I was going to write about, I have to bad mouth Blogger for a minute. They're ticking me off! I just wrote this whole post hit publish then it told me to sign in. Uh hello, how did I manage to get to this page if I wasn't already signed in? When I tried to sign in (AGAIN!) it took me to another page and deleted my entire entry! For the last couple weeks, every time I go to sign it, it kicks me back out and won't let me comment on some blogs. When I try to sign in and go to that blog, it signs me back out. Ugh! Blogger if you're reading this, you're pissing me off!


I am at 27 weeks today! I went to the doctor and got another shot. My next real appointment will be next Wednesday when I have another ultrasound, get another shot and also do my glucose test. I've heard that's not so fun. I'm pretty sure I'll do some complaining but I'll survive. Next Wednesday the 29th is also my birthday. I see Cheesecake Factory in my future. woo hoo!

This is the crib we purchased. We ordered it over the weekend and it came in today! I've always wanted a navy crib and they're just not very common. Maybe that's why I like them. I found two of them, one from Stanley furniture that costs about $1200 and this one from Baby Mod available through Wal-Mart for $250. It was actually on sale for $199 so we jumped on it. It shipped for less than $10 and was here in 3 days. It's made entirely of New Zealand pine and looks to be a quality product. We're not ready to assemble it yet but we opened it to inspect it and it's in great condition. The picture looks likes it's black, but it's really a dark navy. I just love it.

Our changing table on the other hand still isn't here. We went to pick it up on Thursday and one of the joints was filled with excess glue. We pointed it out to the pick-up guy and he attempted to clean it up but it didn't really work. In fact he sprayed some aerosol stuff on it and began to wipe it up and it started to remove the stain from the side of the chest. the rag he was using was colored brown, so not only did he not fix it, but he made it worse. They're ordering yet another one for us, but they're out of stock in their warehouse until the first of the month so we shall wait. Hopefully the third one is the charm!

We sent out baby shower invites on Friday. My mom ordered them through Vista Print and picked out the jungle safari theme. I was wanting something simpler and more elephant based but I didn't have the heart to tell her that I didn't love the one she picked out. Instead I just selected the one I would have chosen for myself and we ordered both. That made us both happy!

A couple years ago I bought a punch from Martha Stewart crafts of an elephant. I totally forgot about it until a few weeks ago. I used it to punch out colored confetti to stuff into the envelopes. I think they're just so cute.

That's enough of the fun stuff. Last week when I went to the doctor, I told her about some pain that I was having in my left breast. It's been hurting now for a couple weeks, but it comes and goes, it's not constant. It's on the left side and underneath my areola and it feels like an intense burning sensation. She felt around and said I had dense, fibro cystic breasts and sent me to the breast imaging center for an ultrasound.

I went the very next day for an u/s. The sonographer said everything was "beautiful" and that she didn't see anything to be concerned about. The radiologist came in to speak with us and to do a scan of his own, but didn't find or see anything either. He said if it continued to hurt then I could come back later for another u/s or I could wait til after I gave birth and and they could have a mammogram, but he didn't think it was necessary. I thought maybe it was a milk duct or something similar that was giving me problems but they told me to ask my OB about that. I asked her about it today and she said that everything looked normal and that it was probably just hormones. Which doesn't exactly explain why I'm having pain, but the nurse said that burning sensations usually mean that it's nerve related. For now, it goes diagnosed but a couple days after my appt. I got a letter from the breast imaging center that said "We're happy to inform you that you do not have cancer". That was the least of my concerns, but I'm glad to know it!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Randomness at 25 Weeks

It seems these days that when someone asks how I am doing, I assume they're referring to the baby and the pregnancy. They usually are, so I'm conditioned to answer the same every time, with "we're doing fine". And we are. My cervix is still closed, baby is growing well and weighs just over 1 1/2 lbs. and I have no complaints. Life is good.

I went to the doctor this past Wednesday. I got another P17 injection. 8 down, 12 more to go! I talked to the doctor about induction dates. She said she usually does c-sections at 39 weeks, unless there are complications prior to that date or if I go into labor on my own before then. So "Mister" will be born on or around September 14. That's only 3 months away, but it seems so far away.

My friend, Lori, asked me the other day about photographing the birth. I'm up for that! I think it's a great idea and I'd love to have the photos to look at later on in life, especially if this is the only baby we ever have. I asked the doctor about her being in the OR with us when I have the c-section and she said she had no problem with it. She has to get the okay from the anesthesiologists that will be there, but she said she'd do her best to make it happen. Isn't that the coolest? I'm psyched about it!

On another note, we purchased a dresser/changing table a couple weeks ago. I didn't want a standard changing table because I think they're cheaply made but expensive and what do you do with them after you're done changing diapers? We wanted a dresser made of real wood, with full extension hardware that was about 36-38" high. We found a couple but they were all too long and since we're converting our guest room into the nursery, wall space is limited. The wall we're putting it on is only 46" inches wide. The dresser we ordered is 38"H x 44"W x 20" D.

I tried scouring Craigslist for a dresser I could repaint but they were either junky or if they were made of real wood, people were asking a fortune for them. We ended up finding a piece from Star Furniture made by Aspen Furniture. It's actually a media chest, but I thought the two open slots on the top would be perfect storage for diapers and wipes. Then when we're done using it as a changing table, it can be used as a TV stand/dresser when he's older. And it's a quality, sturdy, well built piece that will last for several years. Unfortunately when Mr. H went to pick it up yesterday, it was scratched and scuffed so they're ordering us another one. It's a good thing we don't need it for a few more months.

On another note, I'm going to a Scentsy party tomorrow. Ever heard of them? I have not, but from what I've heard they're like wickless candles that are melted over a heating unit. Kind of like Yankee tarts, but with Scentsy there is no flame because you plug in a cord and as the light bulb heats up, it melts the scented wax. Here's a link if you want to learn more about them. http://scentsy.net/ They seem kind of cool. I might just come home with one tomorrow :-)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm off to go soak in the tub and shave my legs!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I reached viability (24 weeks) yesterday! woo hoo!

I had another anatomy scan and they got the rest of the measurements they needed. Baby boy was breech and facing my back and didn't change positions the entire time, so we didn't get any profile or 3D pics of him. He did however kick the heck out of my cervix while we were there, but that's nothing new. He can kick all he wants as long as he stays in there til September.

According to his measurements he weighs 1 lb. 7oz. That's just amazing to me. I know he's still tiny, but compared to Sam and Jack, he's huge!