Wednesday, May 18, 2011

22 Week Update

I'm 22 weeks today! I went to my OB and thought I was getting an ultrasound today. I was hoping to get to see the little one since it's been a couple weeks, but I didn't have one scheduled. I thought I did, but there was something about the insurance not wanting to pay for ultrasounds unless they were 3-4 weeks apart, so I'll have to wait another couple weeks to see him. That kind of bummed me out but at least I know he's okay.

My doctor listened for a heartbeat but all she heard was swishing noises since he was doing somersaults in my belly. She measured my uterus and said it was much higher than she expected- it was measuring almost 24 weeks. Part of the reason she couldn't find a heartbeat was because she was listening too low and he was reaching for my ribs. So I did get an ultrasound after all, but it was very grainy and I couldn't see anything on it. She saw a heartbeat and that's all that matters, right?

I got my fifth P-17 shot today. The last couple that I got, the nurse pushed the formula into me so quickly that it formed knots in my hips and they've been itching and bothering me for about 2 weeks. This time a different nurse did the injection and she made sure to do it super slow, so hopefully I won't have any problems this time around.

I have a little baby bulge, which is kind of exciting, but I still feel fat. Mr. H says, "You're not fat, you're with child" which cracks me up. Truth is, I am both. I'm just waiting for that nice round baby bump :-) I've had to buy a few maternity items because things aren't fitting very well. A friend gave me a couple pairs of jeans but they're so low I feel like my butt is hanging out. ha! And the band on them puts pressure on my belly, so I got a couple pairs of pants and a pair of shorts from Target. I also got a couple shirts but the selection was very limited. I am still mostly wearing non-maternity clothes but the jeans are getting tight and the tops not fitting so well- either not long enough or tight around the bust.

We've been buying baby clothes though. That is fun. Mr. H is out of control though- he needs to go to shoppers anonymous. I know he's just excited but there's going to be nothing to buy once the baby shower comes along :-) My mom has gotten together with my MIL and they're planning a baby shower for us in July. We haven't registered anywhere but we've narrowed down which car seat, stroller and crib we want. I know these things are expensive, but why would anyone spend $500 on a stroller? It's insane! Picturing our little one using and wearing these things is exciting though. I can't wait til he gets here. Well, actually I can wait, he needs to bake a little while longer. Bake, baby, bake!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Titled "Powerless"

I just saw this on PostSecret and it broke my heart.

Why would someone do that?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Spoke Too Soon

Here he is! He's such a cutie, but I may be biased since I helped make him :-)

I wrote just a few days ago that I was waiting to feel him kick, then on Saturday during lunch with my mother I felt it! Actually, I didn't know what it was at first because it was such a strange sensation. Everyone kept saying it felt like gas bubbles or flutters, but I didn't get that at all. He was kicking my cervix and it just felt weird. I thought something could be wrong so I went to the bathroom to check things out. Everything was fine. Then it happened again later that day, only much more intense. It literally felt like he was poking me from the inside out. And like Sophie commented a couple days ago, the same was true for her. She also said it felt like a twitch and it did! He kicked a few more times on Sunday as well but not as intense as the day before.

Such an awesome Mother's Day gift!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

20th Week Update

I reached 20 weeks this past Wednesday! It's one of the goals I've been looking forward to this pregnancy. Next goal- viability at 24 weeks. Bring it on!

Everytime I talk to my grandma on the phone she wants to know if I'm "showing" yet. So I told her at 20 weeks I'd start taking a picture of myself to email her. Actually, she doesn't do email but my aunt can print out a pic for her. Anyway, I don't generally do full body shots, or profile shots for that matter (ha ha!) but there's something special growing in there, so I'll get over it. At one point, while Mr. H was taking this picture I asked if I should "suck it in" ha! I have a little pooch, but mostly just looks like my fat is sticking out further than it already does. For the record, I tried to suck it in, and nothing happened. :-)

I'm down about 17 pounds this pregnancy. That's right, 17 pounds lost, not gained since December. And of those 17 pounds, I've lost 11 pounds since I had surgery March 5th. I think part of it is that the surgery took a lot out of me and I just didn't have much of an appetite, though I didn't ever have "morning sickness", so I can't blame that. And the other part is that I'm already overweight, therefore haven't gained anything. The last few weeks my weight has remained the same, nothing lost, nothing gained. I'm sure that will change as I get further along though.

At last weeks appointment I got my third P-17 shot. After the first one, I had a strange odor down there, and felt a little dizzy for a few days after the injection. I asked the doctor about it and she said they didn't seem like typical side effects. I was fully expecting to have it happen again after the last two injections and it didn't. The first injection wasn't painful but it was sore for several hours afterwards. The last two didn't hurt at all and I didn't feel anything afterwards either. Maybe it was just the initial onset of extra progesterone??? Either way, they are working. Hooray!

I haven't felt the baby kicking yet and I've been really looking forward to it. I have appointments and sonograms every two weeks, so I know it's okay and growing, but to feel movement would be an extra reassurance that he's still alive and well. My placenta is right up front though and acting as a barrier between the baby and my belly. It's kind of like a pillow of padding around my belly so the kicks are muffled. I've been laying on my back and on my side, poking and prodding him to wake up and move for momma, but so far nothing. The sonographer and the doctor both said it could take up until the 24 week mark to feel anything.

I had an anatomy scan at the perinatologists office this week. Baby was folded in half, with it's feet on it's head and was sleeping the entire time. It made it difficult for them to get the measurements they needed so they just did arm/length measurements as well as checked the brain and heart. All was on track for 20 weeks gestation and the baby is weighing approximately 12 ounces. We didn't see any genitalia this week, but we did see a little something at our appointment last week. IT'S A BOY!!!

I haven't shared any ultrasound pics yet because I wasn't sure if it would upset anyone to see them. But if you want to see him (or don't) please let me know in the comment section. We got a cute 3D picture of him the other day, with a tiny button nose. He's obviously still itty bitty, but cute nonetheless.

Hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day!