Friday, December 5, 2008

Perfectly Made

Darla emailed me a couple months ago. She is a fellow deadbaby momma to Nicholas who was born early at 36 weeks on June 28 and passed away from complications on July 21st. She asked me to add Nicholas' name to the remembrance list. I did.

We emailed each other a couple times and she even mailed me a very sweet card for my grandmother. She doesn't have a blog, or I'd link to her, but trust me when I say she's a fabulous woman.

Then yesterday, a very unexpected card came in the mail addressed to me. Have I ever told you how much I love getting things in the mail? Well if not, I do! In fact, just last week I got a package from Nanny- she sent me fudge! Thank you again Nanny!

Okay, back to Darla... she is so thoughtful and kind. She said somebody made her a bracelet with Nicholas' name on it and she decided that every deadbaby momma she came to know would also get a bracelet with their child's name on it. So today I got two tiny blue beaded bracelets with their names on them. I cried. They are so beautiful and perfectly made by her two hands.

Thank you Darla.


Becky said...

So beautiful...

We made bracelets for Dylan and Riley's first birthdays and took them to the hospital. It means a lot to me to look down at my wrist or find myself absentmindedly twirling it in my fingers. I like to think that other's do the same when they dream of their babies.

I have the same Willowtree...the boy with the balloon. I bought the two boys for Lisa to remember Matthew and Brandon. They are my favorite.

The Nanny said...

I'm glad you liked the fudge. And those bracelets are beautiful!

mrsmuelly said...

That's so wonderful. I love that we all support eachother.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, they are precious. I love how they look like they are playing.

I think i know how you feel, a certain very special blogger recently sent me a little package that warmed my heart...but i digress...