Wednesday, December 3, 2008


There are several things I wanted to blog about. Many things flowing in and out of my mind. Things that upset me, things that made me sad, things that made me cry, things that made me smile, but as I try to write, nothing comes out. I think about his stuff ALL day long, but the words aren't coming. Well obviously there are "words", but there aren't any well formed sentences and paragraphs. Bear with me. Here's a list. A long list of what's cluttering my head.

Things I think about often:

  1. missing Sam
  2. missing Jack
  3. making a baby
  4. talking mr. h into #3
  5. LD
  6. quitting my job
  7. finding a car (touchy subject)
  8. affording a car
  9. cleaning house
  10. decorating the tree
  11. unloading the ornaments for the tree
  12. making the scrapbook for my Gma
  13. holiday shopping
  14. having no money for #12
  15. holiday baking
  16. finding a mop
  17. putting up the laundry
  18. looking at Polo (LD's brother)
  19. Wanting to hold Polo
  20. Reminding myself that Polo is the enemy right now
  21. Realizing that Polo looks EXACTLY like his father
  22. Realizing I want a baby that looks exactly like his father (my husband not LD's father!)
  23. A. is a freaking wuss
  24. my friend/ ex-friend is in Iraq and I didn't even know it
  25. making a stocking for my aunt's new boyfriend to "make him feel welcome"
  26. going to the bathroom- I really gotta pee, but I'm too busy!
  27. going to bed, but I'm too busy!
  28. changing the sheets on the guest bed
  29. 5k on Friday for RMHC
  30. Holiday cards
  31. Buying stamps
  32. Having to put money in the bank to buy stamps
  33. thinking more about #22
  34. Wishing Sam and Jack were here
  35. Wondering what they'd be like
  36. Flossing my teeth
  37. Vacation- God do I need one.
  38. Getting through another day

There I think that's it. I feel better.

What's been going on with you?


christyna said...

1. thinking you are wonderful
2. missing talking to you

I'm a waddler, me a waddler! oh the humanity! ha ha

that do it?

Rachel said...

I'm sorry, about everything. I wish I could make it all better.

Becky said...

Oh,what a list! I think you do need a vacation. One preferably without the IL's.

Like yous said, so much to say but no time to say it. I hate this time of year.

Kristi said...

I'm sorry you have so much on your mind - most don't have easy answers. Take care of yourself!!

Good for you for doing the RMHC 5K!!

On the mop search - OCedar makes a mop with a Magic Eraser head. I kinda like it. My linoluem floor is so gross though, nothing gets it truly clean.

Jaded Girl said...
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theviewfromthisplace said...


i was just thinking the same thing last night - i haven't blogged because there is just so much to blog about...so much crap on my mind...

i want to tell you that i received your package and i owe you a propere thank you, but can't have a computer long enough to myself to get it to you, but it's coming. because what you did is WAY up there on the list of kind things people do, you truly, truly touched my heart and in a very real way made me feel so NOT alone in this.

The stone is right by my bed, I see it every day in the morning.