Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Baking Has Begun!

Stayed tuned for 7 days of Holiday Cookies on my other blog. First cookie up is Glittery Shortbread Stars.

These are the ornaments and cookies that my friend and I made out of clay a few weeks ago. They're finally done and they turned out so cute.
A plate of "cookies" and a mug of cocoa for Sam and Jack.


Coggy said...

Monica you are so talented. I love the fact that you do all these things and that you do them for your boys. I just wish they were here with you right now.
I'm going to try making some of your cookies, that will be my Christmas mission. I can't believe how close it is now.

Antigone said...

Cookies!!! I'm an excellent cookie taste tester.

Anonymous said...

omg Mon these are SO adorable!! Did you miss me? I sure as hell missed you. and I really really wish these days we lived near.

Great cookie ornaments and I will be stopping by the other blog and making one of your cookies Saturday!! My sister and I will be having a cookie "party" with our Mom and her MIL. and wine! YAY wine! HUGS

Travelwahine said...

What a great idea. Monica you are so creative.

Thinking of you and the boys.

Anonymous said...

you are so crafty! if i made my kitchen a test-kitchen would you bake here and let me sample all your work?

by the way I got your card. thank you. lovely picture, you and Mr. H make a lovely couple and Autumn is beautiful. you have a lovely smile, I wish you had reason to smile always.