Saturday, October 15, 2011

Remembering Our Babies

**This is an ongoing list from 2007 to current**

Add ImageToday is October 15th, a day of awareness and remembrance. Please take a moment to read and speak these babies names aloud. They deserve to be acknowledged. These are the angels that I "know".

Samuel Andrew- August 15, 2006
Jackson Robert- February 21, 2007

Adrianne Miranda- August 16, 1977
Lucas Allen- June 15, 2006
Baby Ford- March 8, 2007
James Travis- August 13, 2006

Sara Elizabeth-
October 2, 2006
Logan Matthew- October 25, 2006
Bailey Louise- June 9, 2006
Evan Wesley- May 24, 2007
Mikaela Gabrielle- February 12, 2006
Reef Kaiolohia- February 7, 2007
Sam T.- March 23, 2007
David K.- March 5, 1999

Madison Grace-
April 1, 2007
Brionna Faith- September 11, 2002
Julia Izabelle- July 12, 2001

Rae T.- January 12, 2007
Scott Nicholas- March 22, 2007
Lilly M.
Lydia Eve- May 9, 2007
P.G. Evans- September 4, 2007
Cameron Reid- August 30, 2005
Tyler Scott- November 29, 2007
Hayden Leo Rich-Masters- January 13, 2005
Benjamin Thomas- December 31, 2003
Nicholas Joseph- June 28 - July 21, 2008
Arin & Alex- August 13, 2004

Carleigh McKenna- March 28, 2009
Ava Rose Daher- April 14, 2009
Sophia & Ellie- April 25, 2009
Harry Line- April 24, 2008
William Jared- May 29, 2009
Ethan William James- June 14 - August 1, 2008
Aiden & Sophie- April 13, 2009
McKenna Grace- March 2, 2009
Oscar Friedrich & Bella Marjorie- July 30, 2009
Emi- February 23, 2007
Daniella- May 12-13, 2008
Cooper- July 30, 2007
Brayden- March 6-7, 2008
Dylan Michael- May 8, 2006
Riley James- December 26, 2006
Ethan- May 23, 2008
Christian- January 26, 2007
Jacob- September 8, 2007
William Kelly- February 1, 2006
Harvey- July 7, 2007
Baby Franklin- February 25, 2007
Nadia & Cerina- November 18-24, 2006
Emma LaRue- September 1, 2007
Logan Thomas- August 4, 2008
Kinsey & Ryan- November 2005
Gregory- June 17, 2008
The Twins- October 2006
M- December 16, 2005
Ms. G's Baby- October 2009
Henry- January 17, 2008
Sarah's Baby Girl- September 9, 2002
Jessica Anne- May 12, 2007
Rory- May 8
Kameron Elijah- April 27, 2005
Baby McDowell- October 2009
Evan Clements Maynard- December 24, 2007
Gabriel Elliott Groce- October 19, 2009
Felix David Groce- April 4, 2008
Ethan- April 13, 2008
Michaela- February 13, 2009
Emma Jean Moelder- October 21, 2009
Tianna Michael Madison Lopes- August 20 -Sept. 27, 2009
Ashley Ariana- born sleeping at 19wks
Madeline Corinne- November 11, 2009
Brett- June 2, 2008
Ireland Elizabeth- January 26, 2010
Selena Kay- March 8, 1999
Luke- April 11, 2009
Allyson Lee- February 24, 2010
Kanin Wade Standley- January 11, 2009
Christian Noel- May 6, 2009
Grace Christian- September 2, 2010
Baby Dupuis- August 7, 2009
Baby Dupuis- December 1, 2009
Collins Babies- March 2005 & June 2006
Wyatt Daniel Keith- August 8-21, 2010
Ethan Daniel Keith- January 24, 2005
Chandler Keith- June 22, 2004
Kendall Keith- December 16, 1998
Mary Lynn Keith- December 18, 1994
Chloe Nicole Beck- June 19, 2009
Matthew Joshua- December 2, 2007
Brandon Scott- December 4, 2007
Annalyse and "Our Little Boy"- April 24, 2011
Gabriel Lee Meza- born at 18weeks
Baby Sheridan- August 17, 2009
Baby Sheridan- January 15, 2010
Johnrey McGrew- September 4, 2007
Payton Meadow- February 14, 2011

Baby Terrell- July 29, 2005
Baby Jaleyce- June 25, 2011
Jae Marie- November 17, 2010
Angelica Oas Mann- August 17, 2011
Cooper Thomas- January 7, 2009
Ashley Rose- June 21, 2011
Carson James- July 28, 2010
William Hudson Oliver- October 31 - November 1, 2011
Emma Grace Oliver- November 1, 2011
Matthew Phillips- September 30, 1976

Alexander North Bieniek- August 21, 1998
T.J McMahon- January 16, 2001
George Allen McMahon II- October 27, 2003
Todd Allen McMahon Jr- December 2, 2004
Jacob- July 24, 2006
Jonathan- August 12, 2006
Benjamin- September 27, 2011
Gissele- December 10, 2008
Kylee- January 29, 2011
Baby Arends- February 8, 2012
Baby O'hare- January 18, 2012
Ellisyn Rae- February 20, 2012

How very softly you tiptoed into our world.
Almost silently.
Only a moment you stayed.
But what an imprint your tiny footprints have left upon our hearts.

Please honor your baby or a baby you know by leaving their name under comments and I will add them to the list of babies to always be remembered.

Thank you,


Michelle said...

Our baby, Lydia Eve, was born still on May 9, 2007

Kristi said...

Thank you for posting this.

Thinking of all of our babies.

Monica said...

Thanks for thinking of all our babies. It hardly seems like a year has gone by, the pain is still so fresh.

Christyna said...

P.G.Evans September 4, 2007

kellarsmommy said...

Cameron Reid
Aug 30, 2005

JGirl2005 said...

Our son Tyler was born on Nov. 29th asleep at 16 weeks.

amber said...

Hayden Leo Rich-Masters, carried full term, born fast asleep on January 13th, 2005

Virginia said...

Benjamin Thomas, born at 39 weeks and 4 days, December 31, 2003.

Thank you, Monica.

Laura said...

Arin & Alex miscarried at 17 weeks, August 13, 2004. Thank you for thinking of our babies.

Holly said...

Carleigh McKenna
March 28, 2009

Thank you!!!

Lisa said...

Ava Rose Daher
April 14, 2009

Tina said...

Sophia & Ellie
April 25, 2009

Thank you !!!

Louisa said...

Harry Line
24 April 2008

Anonymous said...

William Jared May 29, 2009

Anonymous said...

Ethan WIlliam James
June 14 - August 1, 2008

Stacey M.

Anonymous said...

Thank you :)

Virginia said...

Thank you. And hugs.

Jamie Rock said...

Thank you for posting this. I have been a lurker for awhile. It makes me so happy to see my baby's name recognized- William Jared. He too was lost to an incompetent cervix- so perfect but just to small.

Anonymous said...

Aiden & Sophie
April 13, 2009

Mary Ann said...

McKenna Grace
Born Sleeping on March 2nd, 2009

Brianna said...

Oscar Friedrich and Bella Marjorie born and lived for 10 minutes on July 30, 2009 at 17w6d.

Ingrid said...

Oh, Monica! This was difficult to read. I did as you asked and read each one out loud and let their name sink in for a moment, imagining a sweet boy or girl.

jaded said...

Thank you. I am also thinking of everyone's babies - as ever.

mrsmuelly said...

Amazing...and so sad. Thank you.

Jenna said...

Thank you for remembering our babies...thank you for not forgeting Evan like I feel others have.
My nephew Kameron Elijah was also stillborn on April 27, 2005

Anonymous said...

please add Baby McDowell Oct. 2009 :(

mrsmaynard said...

Evan Clements Maynard, Born Still at 42 weeks gestation December 24th, 2007.

Amanda said...


Thank you so much for adding my sweet Gabriel to the list. I would also like to add his brother, Felix David Groce who was born still at 24 weeks on April 4, 2008.

What a special list for all of us to see know that others can see our babies' names.

Travelwahine said...

Thank you for remembering Ethan. Hugs

Remembering Sam and Jack

Muh1t0 said...

Thanks for this. My babies Ethan April 13, 2008 & Michaela Feb 13, 2009

Jane said...

Dear Monica,
I have never experienced this kind of extreme loss, but I must say my heart goes out to every single mom who ever has. This blog is beautiful and so honest. (I happened upon it via your baking blog.)


Missing Kisses said...

My perfect angel was born on August 20th, 2009. 2 days before her due date. On September 27th, 2009 I woke to find her forever sleeping. She left and took my heart with her. I miss my baby girl.

Michelle said...

Our daughter Ashley Ariana was born sleeping at 19wks. She was our miracle and we miss her so much.

Monica H said...

Michelle, Thank you for adding your daughter to the remembrance list. If you give me her birthday I'll add that as well.

xoxo, Monica

Anonymous said...

Our daughter, Madeline Corinne, born at 39 weeks November 11, 2009

jtkinder said...

My son Brett born sleeping June 2, 2008. He is the twin to Blaine David. They were born at 37 weeks 5 days. Thanks for remembering our babies.

Jessica Hanson said...

Our precious girl, Ireland Elizabeth.
Born still on January 26th, 2010.

Amy said...

Selena Kay 20 weeks March 8, 1999

erinunbe said...

Luke April 11, 2009
Allyson Lee February 24, 2010

Anonymous said...

Kanin Wade Standley,
January 11,2009
May you rest in peace sweet baby boy!! We love & miss you dearly! I lost him at 6 months the day before my birthday! :(

Andrea said...

Gift from God...

Christian Noel, grew his wings on May 6th, 2009

Anonymous said...

Grace Christian
Sept. 2, 2010

Suzanne & Andrew Dupuis said...

Baby Dupuis-August 7, 2009
Baby Dupuis-December 1, 2009

Thank you.

Hennifer said...

You and your boys are in my heart as always

Collins Family said...

How sweet of you to put this list together. I lost 2 babies early in pregnancy. We refer to them as our angel babies. March 2005 & June 2006. Thank you for adding the Collins babies to your list. Thinking of you and your boys.

jaded said...

Thank you for always remembering my girls. Something about seeing their names and their dates really hits home - makes it feel unfortuantely real. How are you doing these days? I am always thinking of you and your boys.

paula said...

wyatt daniel keith 8/8/10-8/21/10
ethan daniel keith 1/24/05
chandler keith 6/22/04
kendall keith 12/16/98
mary lynn keith 12/18/94

Laura B said...

My sweet angel...
Chloe Nicole Beck

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica its Beckys friend Lisa please add my boys to the list

Matthew Joshua 12/2/07
Brandon Scott 12/4/07

Congrats to you and welcome to the TAC world.

Nilsa said...

Our twins, Annalyse and "Our Little Boy" was born asleep on April 24, 2011 (19 weeks).

Monica H said...

Lisa- I've heard so much about you from Becky. Thank you for stopping by and adding your baby boys to the remembrance list.

Nilsa- I am SO very sorry for your recent loss. My heart aches for you, but I am so honored to add their names here. They will be remembered.

Anonymous said...

Gabriel Lee Meza, born at 18 wks, due to IC....

Siobhan said...

Baby Sheridan 17th August 2009 miscarried at 9 weeks
Baby Sheridan 15th January 2010
Miscarried at 6 weeks
Thank you for thinking of our little angels. hugs

Anonymous said...

My precious baby boy, "Johnrey McGrew" was born on Sept 4, 2007. The pain of losing him will never go away. I missed him everyday.

Sunkissed said...

(R.Anisa) Payton Meadow my ultimate valentine 2/14/2011.

Sunkissed said...

Payton Meadow 2/14/2011 Always my ultimate valentine.

shemekia80 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shemekia80 said...

Baby Terrell July 29, 2005 16 weeks born asleep
Baby Jaleyce June 25, 2011 21 weeks 2 days born asleep.

Mrs. Monty said...

My little girl, Jae Marie, was born still on November 17, 2010 due to a chromosomal abnormality called Triploidy.

Michelle said...

Your story touched my heart! I am newly married and I am anxiously awaiting starting a family.I love the way you honor these precious angels that left this life to soon. What a great way to build support and love.:)

Anonymous said...

Our daughter, Angelica Oas Mann, was stillborn on August 17, 2011. She was at 39 weeks and 5 days. It was my first pregnancy, perfect and without any complications. All test results were normal and the doctors can not find a cause. We are heartbroken for our little one; she was beautiful and will always be so dearly loved. Thank you for remembering her and all of our angel babies.

Anonymous said...

Cooper Thomas
January 7, 2009

Krazy_horse said...

Our daughter, Ashley Rose, miscarriage June 21, 2011. God beloved Angel.

Anonymous said...

Our precious baby boy, Carson James, was born July 28, 2010.

This has forever changed our lives. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Our twin angel babies, William Hudson Oliver, born Oct 31 2011 and Emma Grace Oliver Nov 1, 2011.
William and Emma passed away on Nov 1, 2011.

We lost them due to cervical insufficiency at 22 weeks.

Thank you for such a wonderful website. It is inspiring.

Hope and faith are all we have.
Jessica Oliver

Anonymous said...

Matthew Phillips was born on Sept. 30, 1976.

Just ME said...

Alexander North Bieniek- august 21st 1998- Always in my heart!

Todd Allen McMahon Sr. said...

If tears could build a stairway to heaven i sure would walk up and hold you in my arms. We truly miss and love you !!!!

T.J McMahon January 16 2001
George Allen McMahon II October 27 2003
Todd Allen McMahon Jr December 2 2004

Anonymous said...

Jacob (July 24, 2006) and Jonathan (August 12, 2006) and Benjamin (September 27, 2011)

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Gissele (12-10-08) and Kylee (1-29-11)

Anonymous said...

Our baby....Baby Arends miscarried at 6.5 weeks....Feb 8, 2012.... Always in my mind!! very glad I came acrossed the Remembering Our Babies website
Thank You

Anonymous said...

Baby O'hare
January 18, 2012

Anonymous said...

Ellisyn Rae 02/20/2012

Anonymous said...

Aiden 12 november 2009
Dannii may 15 january 2011

Jennifer said...

My first son Aidan James born at 23 weeks -July 13, 2010. My second son Owen Gabriel was born still at 31 weeks November 11, 2011.

Thank you for your story, you are giving me the courage to try again. I am in the process of scheduling a TAC. Cross your fingers for me.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your story. I lost my son Griffin Luke on August 18, 2011. My second son, Jacob Ryne, passed away on April 7, 2012. It is difficult to remain hopeful.


Anonymous said...

Jess Manuel Lucero- 3/06/1998. Gordie&Tish Lucero

Carrie said...

Baby beltran
November 20th 2007

jre said...

Molly Juliet Carbino
Max Joseph Carbino

December 8, 2011 ~ born & earned Angel Wings <3 XOXOX

Roshaunda and Fred Hall said...

My sweet angels. My first son Shauntrel Nathaniel 02-06-03 and my second son Fred'Shaun NaDaniel 06-19-12... Mommy and Daddy misses you guys daily

Lynette Myers said...

Jordan Rae Shalom 7.20.2011
Madilyne Eleahnah Margaret 8.31.2012

Anonymous said...

Andre Carlton March 25, 2005
Zoey Elizabeth April 13, 2010
Izaac Patrick November 28, 2011
Hannah Elizabeth October 26, 2012

All my babies in heaven, may Jesus keep them in his arms until I arrive to kiss them each. Mommy loves you!

Tiffany Fish said...

our precious angel AddieRaye Elisabeth was stillborn April 13 2012 I miss her more than anything in this world.. She's my everything.. She was My first pregnancy.. She was born at twenty four Weeks... My placenta abrupted.. thank u got creatingthis website..

Sylvia said...

Marcus Liuba Sperling was born at 21 weeks on January 29, 2011. He was with us for 1 hour and 38 minutes before he woke up in Jesus arms.

Landon Jonah Sperling was born at 26 weeks and 2 days on May 9, 2012. Doctors were shocked that he was able to breath on his own and said he was the best premie baby they have seen. Then suddenly he developed an infection and on May 29, 2012 he met his brother Marcus in heaven.

I am now pregnant with our third. Please pray for us.

Anonymous said...

Payton Marie & Anderson Chris 7/22/12

Anonymous said...

Our precious baby boy, Dylan, was born at 23 weeks, November 14th,2012. It's so hard... We love our little angel and miss him everyday...<3

Jae Walker said...

Janice, Kevin & brothers

We wish we had the opportunity to meet you Baby Walker but I miscarried on July 9, 2010. Although I never got to hold you I still miss you so much.

We also miss our precious angel Khloe Grace so very much especially the month of December since you would have been a year old on Dec 17th but you went to be with our Lord and Saviour on April 25, 2012. We love you sweetie and miss your sweet smile every day of our lives.

Pamela Dedig said...

Baby Carter 12/27/2011 @ 14 wks
Baby Carter 12/24/2012 @ 17 1/2wks
Born to heartbroken parents Pamela Dedig & Anthony Carter
Rest peacefully with Jesus sweet babies XO

Anonymous said...

My daughter, Julianna Renee, was still born at 35 weeks for unknown causes to this day. Mommy misses you so much....

Anonymous said...

Revising my previous post:
My daughter, Julianna Renee, was still born at 35 weeks on March 2nd 2000 due to unknown causes. Mommy misses you very much.....

Lindsey Olson said...

This past year has been espcially hard for me and my husband and our story is so much like yours Monicca. We lost our first born baby boy Carter Allan March 4th 2012 @ 21weeks he was born sleeping due to ic.

And then on Nov. 20th we lost our beautiful twin boys Camden Allan & Caleb Aaron @ 22weeks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog. You are an inspiration.

Ma. Christina Reyes 06-01-2009
Michael Reyes 03-01-2013

Lauren said...

Cole Timothy, 3/26/13
thank you for posting and for your courage and resilience Monica. God Bless your three babies.

Michelle Bennett said...

Thank you for posting your blog for all of us. My hubby and I have now lost 2 sons to IC. The first was 12/24/2006 and the 2nd was just a few days ago 7/21/2013. The vaginal cerclage helped for a while, but Garrack decided to push himself straight through my cervix (yes, it was still stitched) and showed up on our 7th wedding anniversary. Our next step is the abdominal cerclage before we get pregnant again. I'm so very thankful to hear your story. Again, thank you for sharing. It brings hope where there doesn't seem to be any.


Happy, beautiful, and brainy chick :) said...

I gave birth to my son Cameron Alexander on 7/21/2013. I was only 19 wks 6 days and went into labor due to IC. He lived for 5hrs and he was the most beautiful baby. I miss him everyday.

Kimberly Williams said...

GOD blessed us to run across your story. We lost two babies with a Incompetent Cervix. Talicia (18 weeks 5 days)on October 11,2012 and Timothy (20 weeks 1 day)on June 15,2013. We call them MOMMY AND DADDY 2T'S. WE LOVE AND MISS THEM SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR STORY AND MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

Kimberly Williams said...

GOD blessed us to run across your story. We lost two babies with a Incompetent Cervix. Talicia (18 weeks 5 days)on October 11,2012 and Timothy (20 weeks 1 day)on June 15,2013. We call them MOMMY AND DADDY 2T'S. WE LOVE AND MISS THEM SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR STORY AND MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

Anonymous said...

Lost our son Jackson Aiden Campbell Campbell 21 Dec 2012

Lost our daughter Ava MaKenzie Campbell on 8 Nov 2013

Thank you guys for this site. Not glad that people are losing their babies, but it is reassuring that we are not alone in our fight to have a healthy baby.

Jessica Hamilton-Gary said...

My little girl: Savannah Jane 12/23/2013

My friends little girl: Ramona Alice12/23/2013

Ashley said...

We've lost two angels to IC.

Emiliarina (Emmy) Joan 5/4/13 (19w3d)
Charlotte Frances 2/20/14 21 (21w6d)

My doctors were unaware of my IC with our first daughter and monitored me very closely with our second. I had an emergency vaginal cerclage placed at 16 weeks, but it could not hold long enough. Both of our daughters were alive long enough for us to hold them and tell them just how much they were loved.

Going through two losses in 9 months has been excruciating. Thank you for sharing your story and giving hope to those eager to be mothers. I am hopeful that a TAC will be able to help us when we are ready to try again.

Sam said...

Thomson Sam, 21-05-2013
Isabelle Susan Sam, 3-12-2013

We will never forget you. Rest in peace my angels.