Monday, December 15, 2008

Favorite Things

This is my take on Oprah's Favorite Things. Here are a few things I discovered this year that I absolutely love and think everyone should know about. Unlike Oprah, everyone in the virtual audience will not be getting one of each to take home. Sorry to disappoint. I do hope that some of these ideas will help you out with your holiday shopping!

Hanes Stretch Perfect Panties- $7.00-9.00/2

These are fabulous! I haven't purchased underwear in a very long time. I bought several pair of VS panties about 3 years ago and they have lasted. They're good underwear, but they also cost about $10 a pair and they aren't "wedgie-free" like Hanes. Hanes panties are half the price and come in pretty colored patterns and solids and accommodate sizes 4-11. And they really are wedgie-free. Amazing!

Lands End Supima Cotton Robe- $39.50-44.50

I have raved about this robe before, but I have to say of all my robes (I have 6) this is my absolute favorite! It is so soft and comfortable. It doesn't bind, ride-up, it washes well, the belt stays in place, it has an inside tie to keep it secure. It's warm and did I mention soft? It comes in several colors and sizes, from a petite XS-a women's 3X. Anyone could wear this and be comfortable.

The FURminator (Medium Deshedding Tool)- $24.99-49.99

I had my doubts about this tool. And I certainly was NOT going to pay $50 bucks for a pet brush. That is the retail price at most pet stores. Ridiculous, no? So I did my research with my good friend Google and found an online company that sells this particular size for half the price. They have other sizes available depending on the size of your pet, but it works well on both our dog and our bunny. The bunny sheds more than Autumn and this tool is awesome. Their coat is shinier, smoother and less fuzzy which means less hairy clothes. The website shows a ton of hair around the dogs they brushed. I did not get that much fur off of either of the pets, but it works better than any other brush or comb I have tried. If you have pets, it's an absolute must.

Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker- $20.00-50.00

I was looking for an electric espresso maker for Mr. H's birthday back in February. I found that they were way more expensive that I thought they were. I wasn't planning on spending hundreds of dollars, so I didn't get one. Shortly after that, I discovered this fantastic little gem that produced wonderfully aromatic espresso on the stovetop in minutes. We have the 3-cup maker and it makes enough for both of us to have one strong cup- which is more than enough. It's easy to clean (you just rinse and wipe it) and it works perfectly every time. Great for lattes and iced mochas. If you are an espresso fan, you need one of these. Mr. H recommends Illy Moka Coffee brewed in this simple Italian contraption.

James Avery Remembrance Rings- $75.00-250.00

I bought two of these rings, one for Sam and one for Jack. They stack beautifully and come in birthstones for all 12 months. They come in silver and gold in sizes 4-10. Get one in remembrance of your child or one for you and your partner. Or mix and match with whatever colors you like. I bought the silver rings with the peridot (August) and amethyst (February) birthstones. They're simple and sweet and I love them.

Goody Stay-Put Collection- $1.00-4.00

Love these! I have long hair and I don't like it on my neck at night when I sleep, so I often wear it in a pony tail. The problem is, most elastics pull my hair out, are too tight or slide out. It is so frustrating to be sleeping and have to sit up to fix your hair in the middle of the night. Well, with these brilliant little things your hair stays put. The elastics come in several different colors and widths, depending on your needs. But the secret is that they have little rubber nubs intertwined in the elastic to keep your hair secure without pulling it out. They also have headbands, clips and barrettes.

Will Heron Designs- $15.00-22.00

I first saw these silk screened shirts at a local farmer's market. They are so adorable and witty. Buy one for baby, or for yourself. Available in women's and men's in sizes S-2XL (men's only) and children's 3-6 mo. - a youth size 12. This is one of my favorites :-)

Dog by Matthew Van Fleet- $11.55- $16.99

This dog book is so much fun. It has interactive parts, flaps, pop-ups, scratch 'n sniffs, pull tabs and many many different breeds of dogs. Some dogs have silky brown ears and some have soft and fuzzy fur. It really is a cute book and the children I've given it to, loved it as much as their parents.

Tagco Spice Stack- $29

This thing is awesome! Seriously. I had about 30 spice jars sitting on a shelf and it was hard to find the one I was looking for because they kept getting lost towards the back of the cabinet. I tried to make a riser using a brick covered in foil...don't ask. It worked, just not that great. Then I found this spice oranzer. It took up just as much room, so it's not a space saver, but it keeps all your spices, or sprinkles and sugars organized and within reach. Best $30 I've ever spent.

What are some of your favorite things?


The Nanny said...

This was hands-down one of my best purchases this year: http://www.target.com/dp/B0018943G4/sr=1-6/qid=1229405795/ref=sr_1_6/186-9266633-7918561?ie=UTF8&index=target&rh=k%3Abody%20pillow&page=1

And it was only $9.99 too! :)

Kristi said...

Those are some great ideas!

Hennifer said...

This is a fun and wonderful post! I love the spice rack, makes so much sense when you've already got the spices!

I'll have to remember Land's End for my son. He's been wanting a robe for forever and I never like the ones I see in the stores around here.

I'm not sure I have any favorite things.

Oh, and you are right about those Hanes undies ;-)

mrsmuelly said...

Hooray for the furminator!!! I might have to try your hair thingies.

Anonymous said...

dont' even get me started on the spice rack from target. i love EVERYTHING FROM target! great list m.

Anonymous said...

you are one of my favorite things :)

The Kuerig coffee maker (well worth the $)

Purell- amzing stuff

The Hamilton Beach opening station

any kitchen cooking baking appliance or tool really.

my family

and PUMA sneakers OMG i love them. Uggs...but the knock offs cause hello I have kids to feed :) the sweatery ish kind, so comfy!

make-up, mostly eye shadows and liners, but the cover girl version of BRIGHT funky colors that mimic the MAC expensivo color palatte.

Brandy said...

I adore the goody's no slip line. I wear the headbands all the time!! http://www.goody.com/Products/Accessories/Headbands_and_Scarves/Sport/Sport.aspx