Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mr. H's Favorite Things

Mr. H: Are you going to do a "Mr H's Favorite Things"?

Me: Why? Do you want me to?

Mr. H: YEAH! (comes back with a note pad and starts scribbling away)

So, without further ado, I give you Mr. H's Favorite Things. In other words, gifts for the extravagant men in your life :-)

Creed Cologne- $122

In particular Virgin Island Water because it's a "simple clean smell that reminds him of the beach". Those are his words. In this fragrance are notes of coconut, white rum, ginger and bergamot. It's also a unisex fragrance so women can use it too. It's a little pricey, but a portion of the proceeds go towards "protecting the world's oceans".

Piloti Shoes- $75-$125

Mr. H has 3 different pairs of these shoes. He likes them because they're "unique and the most comfortable shoes" he owns. He has these and these, and another pair they no longer sell anymore. He even got me a pink and black pair- lucky me! You don't have to race cars to own own a pair- they're honestly good comfy shoes.

Carhartt Clothing- $35 and up

He has jackets, jeans, overalls, t-shirts, and over shirts from Carhartt. He loves them and buys something from them every chance he gets (or when I'm not looking). They're warm, durable work clothes that look nice. They hold up wash after wash and come in different colors and sizes from small to 5 X- dang! Click here, for a retailer near you.

Kiehl's Men's Products- $18-$22.50

Mr. H uses "Close Shavers" Shaving Formula, which is a pre-shave oil for your beard. "It creates a barrier between your razor and your skin to allow less razor burn and irritation." He also really likes their Multi Purpose Facial Formula because it moisturizes your skin without being greasy and "it smells pretty". Now there's a reason to buy this for your man! It also has soothing Vitamin E and eucalyptus oil.

Maker's Mark Bourbon- $25-$50

For the bourbon lover in your life. Hands down this is the smoothest and best bourbon out there compared to other whiskeys and bourbons. What you get for the price is a high quality product. Buy a small bottle and stick it in their stocking or buy a larger one for all your holiday drinkin'. Makes a great Bourbon and Coke. Drink up!

Griot's Garage Digital Tire Inflating Gun- $49.99

Every garage should be equipped with one of these. You can inflate, deflate and check tire pressure all with one tool. Why is that important? Because with properly inflated tires, you can ensure tire safety and prevent blow-outs and roll overs. Remember when Ford Explorers had a bad bout with rollovers? That's because their tires were improperly inflated. With this handy tool, you can feel safe on the road.

Make It Right by Mike Holmes- $24.95

Mike Holmes is a contractor in Canada. He had a show on Discovery Home, which is now Planet Green. But he currently has a show called Holmes On Homes on TLC. Anyone ever seen this show? Anyone else think he's hot, or is that just me? Anyway, his motto is "Make It Right", he even has it tattooed on his arm, that's how serious he is. On his show, he goes to people's houses and fixes other contractor's screw ups. It's very interesting and highly educational. We learned a lot about home safely and how to do things correctly and he now has a book, so even if you can't sit by the TV and watch him, you can read about how to make things right.

Lefty/Righty Measuring Tape- $11

Ever heard the phrase "Measure twice, cut once"? Well, if you're a lefty like Mr. H is, you may have to measure twice, then turn your tape around and measure another 3 times for good measure (no pun intended) just to make sure that your your measurements are correct. When you're left handed, simple tasks can be a little more difficult. I never understood this, because I write with my left hand, but this tape measure has measurements on both sides of the tape, so no matter which way you pull the tape out it's legible right side up.

Happy Shopping!


Rachel said...

I like your favorite things lists. Funny how lately I personally don't have any favorite things because they are all baby related.

Oh I'm not a bourbon drinker but Maker's Mark is made just up the road from me. You can tour the facility for free.

Coggy said...

Mr H has expensive taste ;o)
Now I want to see Mrs. H's favourite things list.

jaded said...

am absolutely intrigued by the notes in the island water - especially the bergamot...

and the bourbon...if you'd like I can get 4 glasses and a bottle and have you both over. is it working???

Becky said...

Haha, I love it! What a great list, Mr. H!

I'll have to show it to Derick...haha, and he can do a Redneck Favorite Things (it's a good thing he marrid someone with class ;) )

Monica H said...

Rachel- You've made Mr. H a very jealous man!

Coggy- I did do a Mrs. H's favorite things. I'll email it over for you.

Jaded- We're coming over. I don't drink, but I'll watch you all get drunk and stupid :-)

Becky- It's a good thing Mr. H has a wife like me or we'd be completely broke!

christyna said...

Oh Mr. H thats a wonderfully detailed favorite things!! I enjoyed it and may have to get a pair of those shoes, adorable! and hello shoes, what woman doesn't love shoes?!?!