Sunday, August 3, 2008


This is my 200th post-yay!

I've had several posts swirling around in my head, but nothing ever becomes of it. Even now as I sit down to write, I am drawing a blank.

Let's see what I can conjure up.

My grandparents came in today (or yesterday, if you're reading this on Sunday). My grandmother looks great. She doesn't smell of smoke like she did before- she is down to one cigarette a day. But as of the last two days she hasn't smoked a single one. She was so proud of the way she smelled- or didn't smell. She highlighted her hair, so my grandpa says he has a new blond in his life. It makes them both smile :-)

They bought a new car. They haven't bought a new car since 1970- and it was an avocado green, Oldsmobile that they had til 1995! I'm glad to see the "Guac" was gotten rid of. They just bought a new Chevy Impala in a bronze-y tone that they both love. I'm so glad to see they are both doing so well.

My step-dads birthday is next Wednesday, but he had a surprise party this evening. I made him a chocolate praline cake- which was amazing!

We are getting ready to paint our bathrooms. I'm tired of looking at the bland "summertime white" walls. The guest bath (which is the bathroom I use) will be painted "Brown Teepee" which makes me laugh because if it were "brown t.p." that would be gross! And no the colors aren't even similar. The master bath will be painted "Blue Tequila"- a grayed blue green to match our bedding (I couldn't find a color swatch). Everything is taped off, the paint was purchased today, now we just have to prime and paint. Do I have any volunteers?

I bought a robe for myself for my birthday. I was so excited about it and then when it came I let it sit in the box for a couple weeks before I opened it. I don't know why I waited so long, because once I opened it and tried it on, I didn't want to take it off. IT IS FAB-U-LOUS with a capital F! I love it. It's soft and cozy, it's flattering and stays in place. It is the most comfortable robe I've ever had and probably the cheapest. I'm a robe whore- I have about 6 or 7 different robes, but this is the best thus far. In fact, I spent the entire day in it yesterday. Go get one now! I promise you won't regret it.

I've been thinking about Sam's birthday a whole lot. I have some ideas, but nothing is set yet. I am making cookies for his birthday. I made the dough last night and froze it, so I wouldn't have so much to do on that day. They're really cute- stay tuned! Speaking of birthdays, Cooper just had his first birthday last week, and his mom did a wonderful job honoring him.

I can't think of much else...oh, wait. LD's mom has finally "popped". She no longer just looks fat, she looks pregnant, and damn it, she looks semi-cute. But I will NEVER say that aloud, in fact I'll deny it. They're getting ready to set up the nursery as soon as they move all her stuff out of there (it's her home office). They have chosen their fabrics and are going with a "puppy" theme in shades of maize and chambray. They're having their bedding custom made- whatever. Meanwhile I keep making stuff for my imaginary baby and nursery and stashing it away in a drawer. Like I said, whatever. And please no well-meaning comments about how my "day will come".

Mr. H has been going to the therapist and had to make a "pros and cons" list about having a baby. It was interesting. More on this later, as it deserves it's own post.

Good night.


Anonymous said...

i'd love to hear about his pros and cons list. you know he really wants a baby, right? it's just fear in the way. and his fear is very valid. hopefully the therapist can help him to work through his worries and concerns. i give you a lot of credit for always considering his feeligns in spite of your own. Monica, this will come full circle, things will eventually fall into place.

mrsmuelly said...

Okay, lots in that post...hmmmm:
I love robes too - silk, chenille, or towel like.
Great for your g-ma not smoking! She definitely has reason to be proud. Oh, and blonde hair to boot!
How cute that they bought a new car. I can only imagine the wonderful "guac" color.
Thanks for noting Cooper's bday. I couldn't have pulled it off without Jack's cupcakes.
And last...I want to hear about that list. Definitely staying tuned.
(note that I didn't mention one item b/c I'm ignoring those things these days)

niobe said...

The robe looks wonderful. I might even consider getting one except for the fact that I don't think I've ever worn a robe in my whole entire life.

Monica H said...

Niobe- Now's your chance. You'll wonder why you never wore a robe before.

Beth said...

Just wanted to send you a message of hello and check out the new blog.

You are always in my prayers...

Kristi said...

Have fun painting - I'm taping off my guest bathroom & narrowing down paint colors.

Love the robe!

Even after having Ethan, I don't think I could be around a pregnant woman, not in your situation.

i'm worn out, will talk to you later!

lori said...

So, after you become a pro at painting, you can come on over! I'm tired of these tan walls already.
I have 2 robes that I love. I just forget about them now. Maybe I should put my "summer" one out so I can lounge. maybe you can bring yours over and we can lounge together!

Monica H said...

Kristi and Lori-

I don't like painting, so sorry but I will not be over to paint your house, but I will come over and lounge with you in my robe :-)