Monday, July 28, 2008

Conversation in Aisle #8

I don't mop. I never have.

Well, no I take that back, I have mopped a handful of times in my entire life (mostly with a sponge mop and once with a string mop) and several other times by hand or with a Swiffer, but I don't like to mop. It's labor intensive and well, boring.

Mr. H mops...or he tries to :-) No, he does a good job, but he hasn't found a mop he really likes yet (is that possible?). We wants a janitor supply mop and bucket and I refuse to let him buy one. Where would we put it? We're not mopping an auditorium, so I don't really see the need.

He wanted a "real" mop, not the sponge based ones that I recommended. So, when I went to visit my grandmother, he bought a "real" mop. But now he doesn't like it, because it's hard to wring out and rinse (uh, yeah, that's why I recommended the sponge variety!). So I told him they made "real" mops that had a self wringing feature to them. He grew curious and we went to go check them out.

We went to W@l-Mart to get a few things and stopped to look at mops. As Mr. H was inspecting the different types of mops (and I was standing around looking disinterested) a man came up behind us.

He says to Mr. H in his foreign accent: "Is that a good one?"
Mr. H shrugs his shoulders and says: "I don't know."
The man looks at me and says to Mr. H: "Well she's a woman shouldn't she know?"
Me (while glaring): Phssst. I.DON'T.MOP.

How rude!

We left the aisle with me cursing the man and didn't get a mop. Do you have a favorite or know of a good one?


Anonymous said...

OMG how fucking rude!! we have 2 of those floor dust damp moppy things, we sweep/dry dust off the debris with one, and then we use a clean fresh "pad/thingy" to mop the floor using a spray floor cleaner warm water mix.

Walker mops, I do not (too funny) but he swears by these. you can throw them in the washer and dryer and replace the "heads" every once in a while. gets off the debris and any dirt that sticks and takes a lot less effort than a bucket or a dirty water filled sink which is just gross if you think about it....ewww

and still the foreign guy so fucking rude ewww

jaded me said...

oh man i wish that would have been me he would have tried the BS line on! yeah, i would have been dragged out of there cursing too! hehe!
oh and yes, swiffer rules girl! i'm about to swiffer my laundry room too, i guess this post is a sign i should get it done!

Hennifer said...

I use this mop and like it more than I have others but I really want these new steam mops on the market


I like it because your hands don't touch the water and you can remove the head, easily, and throw it in the wash if desired.

Sometimes not great for getting up really stubborn stickies like stickers and dried on stuff but that probably speaks more to my lack of housecleaning :)

The man on the other hand isn't even worth commenting on.

Becky said...

What an asshole!

I'm the one that usually mops and I share Mr. H's affinity for a nice mop. However, I'm lazy and I'm tired of spending money on mops that don't do what I want.

Soooo...when I wasn't pregnant, I got down on my hands and knees and washed them by hand. I did that every couple months, and in between I used a swiffer wet jet. Now, I just use the swiffer wet jet and I make sure that I sweep really good beforehand. It gets most of the surface dirt off.

By nature I'm one of those people who doesn't like germs or dirt in my house which is ironic because I have clutter everywhere, lol! Yup, I'm a freak. Sometimes I won't even let Derick touch me if he hasn't washed his hands in a while : )

Rachel said...

I think they all stink. Right now I am using the wet jet and saving for a steam mop.

mrsmuelly said...

I just have to laugh at that stuff. Yep, I'm a girl...I can cook and clean and bake and...oh yeah, I can't seem to make babies though. S*cks!!!

I recommend the wet swiffer - it's easy, but I don't mop either.

niobe said...

What is this thing you call "mop?"

I am clearly no help on this one.

Kristi said...

what an ass!

I didn't like the Swiffer b/c we had tile floors & it left dirt in the grout. Once I actually cleaned the tiles with a Magic Eraser. Lots of work, but they were CLEAN. I'm using a sponge mop now, it's OK. The old linoleum floors just won't come clean.