Monday, July 7, 2008

It's Complicated

And no I'm not talking about this lovely bit of reality TV.

I'm talking about my grandma and her surgery last week. I spoke to her on Friday and she was in a great mood and feeling fine. She was laughing and watching I Love Lucy reruns while I was talking to her on the phone. It was so good to hear her laugh. It's been a long time since I've heard that. A long time since it was sincere.

She slept most of the day Saturday and was not feeling well, but never said anything to anyone. She started to run a fever (102) and her breast started to hurt and swell. In the wee hours of the night she started to call for help because she just couldn't hide her pain anymore. My aunt called her doctor (who is out of the country) and was referred to a different doctor who took off for the weekend to Mexico. She ended up getting a different doctor (who apparently was HOT!) to care for her.

He ran tests to check for infection. Put her on antibiotics and admitted her to the hospital for two nights. She should be going home tomorrow depending on her progress. When they inserted the drainage tube last week, they put in a smaller gauge tube than her previous surgery. They didn't expect much fluid to drain from her incision so they put in a smaller tube. Well what happens when she lays down is the fluid doesn't drain at a steady pace and when she gets up it drains but clots. (it's kind of like when you're on your period and you go to sleep. When you get up in the morning, it all wants to come out all at once). Except, the fluid and blood solidifies into tiny, sometimes stringy beads. You have to squeeze them out and work them down the tube into the vessel. We think this has happened. And the fluid is not draining out of her body, resulting in swelling. Retained fluid resulting in infection and infection resulting in an overnight stay at the hospital an hour away from home.

I've called her a couple times and she was asleep. I spoke to my grandfather (who never really says much and always forgets to pass on messages) about my grandma and he said he'd call later to update me. He didn't, so I don't know anything more. I just hope and pray that she gets better. This is way too much for anyone to deal with. God, I hate cancer.

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While you're here, please visit Erica. She is a mother of two young boys who got into a minor car accident earlier in the year. She was going to physical therapy and was having constant headaches. Her doctors discovered she had cancer at the base of her skull. Soon after, they did surgery on her brain, neck and spine. She still doesn't have feeling on her left side of her body. She is in pain constantly and can't take care of and play with her children like she'd like to. She never complains about anything, but I know it must be so hard. Please pray the cancer is all gone (she has an appt. on Wednesday). Just stop by to give her a few words of encouragement. Have I mentioned I hate cancer?

Also visit JGirl. She lost a son last year at 16 weeks (?). She got pregnant earlier this year and had an early miscarriage. She is pregnant again at just over 11 weeks. She had an emergency u/s today because she was bleeding and they think he has a subchorionic hemorrhage. Please visit her and offer her some supportive words. She could sure use some friends and your prayers right now.

Sometimes when you feel like you have no control, always remember there's still hope. I hope.


wannabe mom said...

I hope that those complications improve so your Grandma feels & gets better. I hate cancer for you.

Becky said...

I hate cancer. More than I hate anything else on this Earth...even my damn cervix.

I hope that she is doing better. I think about her often, and hopefully she'll be up and back to herself in no time.

BTW- you're absolutely ready to try again, you just have to take the leap.

Rachel said...

I am sorry about your grandma.

mrsmuelly said...

Have I told you how fabulous you are lately? You are knee deep in grief and anxiety and STILL you think of others. Wow!

I hate cancer too. Can we call it the "C" word? Just the word makes me cringe. I really hope that your G-ma is doing much better. Maybe she's monopolizing your G-pa's time so he can't call back!
She's in my prayers.

Monica H said...

Thanks everyone. The good thoughts, prayers, well wishes really help. Pleae keep them coming (for my grandma, of course).

JGirl2005 said...

I'm so sorry you have to deal with your grandmother having cancer. I hope she doesn't have to deal with more complications. I'm praying for her.