Friday, July 4, 2008

Dandelions: Before & After

Happy Independence Day!
Thinking of you and you.


The Nanny said...

The photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

Coggy said...

Thank you honey that made me choke up.
Lovely pictures. A few weeks back our lawn was full of dandelion clocks (do you guys call them that too?). I wouldn't let S cut the grass because they are so pretty. I know they're supposed to be weeds but the definition of a weed is a plant growing where it's not wanted. So in my eyes not weeds.

Happy independence day to you!

Monica H said...

Coggy- We just call them dendelions or weeds :-) I've never heard of them being called "clocks" before. Did you see the one down the right side of my blog I took back in October?That one I really like.

When we were younger, my grandfather used to make us pick them one by one until the yard was free of them. We don't have many in our yard now, but when I see one I leave it there. I think they're so symmetrically beautiful, albeit ordinary to some.

These were taken in Colorado. The first two at our house in Durango and the second two in Telluride. I thought it was so sad when they were picked then left on the sidewalk to be stepped on.

The day we left (as we were packing up) I saw a white fuzzy dandelion the size of a baseball! It was huge! I didn't have a camera nearby, so I just made a wish and blew it away. The segments took off like little parasailers.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Hopeful,

Thanks so much for thinking of me. Very sweet of you.

Monica said...

Nice pics. Oh.. thanks for the pics of Ethan and Andy. They were wonderful as usual. Can't wait to meet for the BBQ tomorrow.