Wednesday, May 18, 2011

22 Week Update

I'm 22 weeks today! I went to my OB and thought I was getting an ultrasound today. I was hoping to get to see the little one since it's been a couple weeks, but I didn't have one scheduled. I thought I did, but there was something about the insurance not wanting to pay for ultrasounds unless they were 3-4 weeks apart, so I'll have to wait another couple weeks to see him. That kind of bummed me out but at least I know he's okay.

My doctor listened for a heartbeat but all she heard was swishing noises since he was doing somersaults in my belly. She measured my uterus and said it was much higher than she expected- it was measuring almost 24 weeks. Part of the reason she couldn't find a heartbeat was because she was listening too low and he was reaching for my ribs. So I did get an ultrasound after all, but it was very grainy and I couldn't see anything on it. She saw a heartbeat and that's all that matters, right?

I got my fifth P-17 shot today. The last couple that I got, the nurse pushed the formula into me so quickly that it formed knots in my hips and they've been itching and bothering me for about 2 weeks. This time a different nurse did the injection and she made sure to do it super slow, so hopefully I won't have any problems this time around.

I have a little baby bulge, which is kind of exciting, but I still feel fat. Mr. H says, "You're not fat, you're with child" which cracks me up. Truth is, I am both. I'm just waiting for that nice round baby bump :-) I've had to buy a few maternity items because things aren't fitting very well. A friend gave me a couple pairs of jeans but they're so low I feel like my butt is hanging out. ha! And the band on them puts pressure on my belly, so I got a couple pairs of pants and a pair of shorts from Target. I also got a couple shirts but the selection was very limited. I am still mostly wearing non-maternity clothes but the jeans are getting tight and the tops not fitting so well- either not long enough or tight around the bust.

We've been buying baby clothes though. That is fun. Mr. H is out of control though- he needs to go to shoppers anonymous. I know he's just excited but there's going to be nothing to buy once the baby shower comes along :-) My mom has gotten together with my MIL and they're planning a baby shower for us in July. We haven't registered anywhere but we've narrowed down which car seat, stroller and crib we want. I know these things are expensive, but why would anyone spend $500 on a stroller? It's insane! Picturing our little one using and wearing these things is exciting though. I can't wait til he gets here. Well, actually I can wait, he needs to bake a little while longer. Bake, baby, bake!


Rachel said...

You look so cute!

I'm glad you are able to think about buying things. You seem so happy!

Memória said...

I'm so freaking excited for you two!! I feel so honored to be invited to your bridal shower. I'll buy you a $500 stroller or whatever. LOL LOL LOL Too funny. :P

I see the baby bump!!! Too cute!

Allie said...

I love reading all of your updates. You really have such a glow about you!

Hennifer said...

Happy Week 22!!! Let us know when you are registered!

Virginia said...

Yay! I am SO excited for you!!! And you look adorable. That's so cute about Mr. H. going crazy buying clothes--we got so much with our daughter I was kind of disappointed because I SO desperately wanted to shop for her myself and there was no need. Tell him to enjoy it!

Sophie said...

Yes, you look very cute :). Glad you got to see the kiddo after all. How fun, a shower. Can't wait to see pics!

Anonymous said...

You look great! And totally pregnant!!! Woohoo!!
I think of you often and am so happy to hear these updates. Your hubby is too cute with the shopping! Love it!

From the Kitchen said...

You have the look!! = ) !!!!!

Enjoy the shopping and dressing while you can. They soon develop their own taste in clothes and that's it for the cute little items.


Kristi said...

Enjoy this stage, he'll be here soon enough!

ms. G said...

Oh my gosh! Weeks away from blogger and I see this when I come back! So excited and very happy for you! What a surprise! (for me anyway!)

george blogger said...

i started read your blogs, love this blog :D

J said...

Congrats! I didn't know you were pregnant. I had a feeling, so wanted to come check your blog.

jessica said...

We soooo can wait!!! You look terrific and you are really showing now!