Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Everybody's Somebody"- Day 2

Day 2 of our trip to Fredericksburg consisted of walking around town, doing a little window shopping and having lunch at Rather Sweet Bakery.This was definitely a highlight for me because I had been drooling over Rebecca Rather's cookbook- The Pastry Queen for quite some time. Her recipes are drool worthy :-)''' I also got her to sign my cookbooks- cool beans!

Here are a few pics of her restaurant/bakery.

Another good thing about this is that the B&B we stayed at gave us vouchers for breakfast at local restaurants. Rather Sweet was one of them, so we went for lunch and only had to pay a couple dollars. Then before we left, we went and loaded up on sweet treats to share with our in-laws for free!

We also went to The Nimitz Museum after lunch. A portion of it was closed becuase they're remodeling it and adding exhibits, but we were able to visit the Combat Zone, a small portion about Fleet Admiral Nimitz and we walked through the Japanese Garden of Peace.

I didn't take photos of the actual museum but I did get pictures of the garden.

And no hill country trip is complete til you've visited Luckenbach!


Kristi said...

I didn't realize the Japanese Gardens were there. DH & I would have stopped by the museum then! I can still smell the Rather Sweet bakery. Mmmmm...

~~louise~~ said...

Sounds delightful. How lucky are you to get an autographed book:) The garden looks quite intriguing.

JGirl2005 said...

Great pictures. I love fredeicksburg. You
Have a good eye for photography. I've never stopped at Nimitz. I can't believe the gardens.

Anonymous said...

these photos were such a pleasure to look at - you have a great camera - such clear shots.