Friday, July 10, 2009

LBJ Ranch- Day 1

We're back from our mini vacation in Fredericksburg. We had a great, relaxing time, although it was a wee bit hot. Or rather, really stinkin' hot!

Here are pictures from President Lyndon B. Johnson's ranch, home and final resting place in Stonewall, TX. It is really an expansive amount of land where cattle roam freely, the Pedernales river flows, and the locusts hiss.

On this property is his 8,000 sqft. home, a cemetery where he and his wife, Lady Bird rest, a runway, a couple houses, a barn and an old school house.

If you've never been, just close your eyes (or don't cause you'll miss the pictures) turn off your a/c, sweat a little and pretend you're there.

When we finally got to Fredericksburg, most of the shops were already closed so we did a little window shopping. To cool off we stopped in a brewery for a beer and a salty pretzel with spicy mustard. It was as good as it looks!


Virginia said...

I love that swing on the tree - wish I had one in my backyard (though I'd need a MUCH bigger backyard for a tree that size!).

Rachel said...

We visited LBJ's home when I was in high school. It was cool. Glad you got home safely.

Kristi said...

Love F-burg! Can't wait to read about the rest of your trip!

Thinking of you girl!

Bethany said...

LBJ's place is really pretty! Another place to add to my list ;)

Sophie A. said...

Great photos. I haven't been to Fredericksburg in so long :). We might have to follow your lead and take a trip over there before the summer ends. :D

Hennifer said...

Welcome back!