Monday, May 24, 2010

Flowers In A Hole

We went to the cemetery today to visit Mr. H's grandparents and the boys. Upon driving up to the section in which his grandparents rest, I realized their flowers looked a little funny. We grabbed a new bouquet from the back seat along with some things to clean the headstone. When we approached their marker we realized that the flowers did indeed look funny. They weren't in a vase. Instead they were sticking in a hole in the ground in where a vase should be.

We went to the office to inquire about it. I waited in the car while Mr. H went in to talk to someone about the missing vase. their response was that there were two brothers that were going around central Texas stealing thousands of bronze vases to melt them down and collect the money. Who does that? The men were caught and are now in prison (according to the woman he spoke to) but the cemetery doesn't plan on replacing the vases and they aren't being returned.

Luckily, the boys headstones and vases were untouched.

So in order to get another vase to replace the stolen one, WE have to pay for it. That is wrong on so many levels. They did say that instead of the usual $300 to replace it we could purchase one for $60. Again, not okay with me. Over 400 bronze vases were stolen from this one cemetery, yet we were never notified. I know it's not the cemeteries fault that this happened but doesn't someone have to be held responsible.

What would you do?


J said...

That's horrible. I need to go see if ours was stolen too. That is such a shame that they won't replace them.

Jessica said...

I agree that is very horrible. I remembered running across an article a few months ago that sounded similar. It can be found here:


The story says that the director of the cemetary would replace the uncovered so he should most definately keep his word. I can't believe as family, you were not notified of this situation. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this :(

Andrea said...

Unfortunately this happened at my Grandparents mosaleum and some of the bronze urns were taken....so sad. Now, my Mom always wires the urn on tightly so that it can't be taken. Others have welded them in place, so as to make the theft more time consuming.

I suppose the thieves have a some heart, as they left your boys urn...who could steal from children :(

My heart goes out to you, as this is such a violation of a sacred place. Pay the $60 and honor your grandparents again...perhaps your family will all chip in on the cost. Just sorry you have to deal with this, but those theives will not be looked upon lightly in the presence of their maker, just remember the 10 commandments..."Thou shalt not steal"


Becky said...

Yikes thats horrible. Who could be that down and out for money that they would steal from the dead?

Not completely the same, but everything we have put at the cemetery for the boys has been stolen. Angel statues from their grandmother, American flags from their uncle in the Air Force, flower planters, pinwheels...

It sounds horrible, and it's not because I don't want to, but I just don't do it anymore. I'd rather put the stuff in my own backyard and enjoy it there.

However, considering everything they know about these disgusting men, they should replace the vase with at no cost to you. That would not be ok with me either.

The Duchess of Wessex said...

The cemetery should replace them free of charge and file a claim with THEIR insurance company, which should cover this type of loss/vandalism. I would INSIST the cemetery pay or expose them to your local media. They have an obligation to monitor the property in such a way that NO ONE should be able to steal 4, let alone FOUR HUNDRED bronze vases.

Now I think I've heard everything! Talk about insult to injury! And not notifying you... Shameful!

Monica H said...

J- Tyler's vase is fine. They didn't go that far back into the cemetery.

Jessica- Thanks for that link. Unfortunately, that's a different town and cemetery from where I live. And they don't have plans of replacing them.

Rachel said...

It sounds like you did everything you could, unless you can get those boys to pay for a new one. I'm sorry the cemetery isn't doing anything, it does seem like they would have some sort of insurance to cover it though.

jaded said...

I would pay $60 and then place a curse on those assholes that have no sense of BOUNDARIES. I am so sorry that such a sacred place was disturbed as such.

I hesitate to write this - but I don't actually beleive that our departed loved ones are actually at their grave sites in spirit - you know? I think they are always with us. I think graves are more a place for the living to honor their dead, you know? So please don't feel like your boys were slighted - you honor them every day in so many ways. Your family that has invested in their resting place was slighted - but not your boys.
I hope you know what I mean and I haven't put my foot in my mouth.

Kristi said...

I'm so sorry, what a horrible violation!