Saturday, April 23, 2011

P17 Injections and TMI :-)

I got my first P17 shot on Wednesday. I was a bit freaked out when I read the bottle and it said "insert deep intramuscularly". It was the "deep" that terrified me, and I fully expected for Nurse Betty to come in my room with a 4-inch needle to poke me with. Because of that, my blood pressure was slightly elevated, but the last few weeks it has returned to normal. Thank goodness, because that's one less thing to worry about.

Anyway, I'm not generally fearful of needles or shots but knowing that I have to get these for the next 17 weeks, I was worried about the pain/side effects. Since I was just getting an injection and not seeing the doctor, a nurse visit was all that was scheduled for me. I didn't even see my regular nurse because they were so booked up, but the nurse that saw me was really nice, gentle and understanding. I asked her if she wouldn't mind checking the heart rate of Baby 3, just to assure me that it was still alive and well and she did. Heart rate was 160 bmp. That's all I need to know to get me through another week.

Firstly, I thought the injection was going to be given in my rear. It was actually given to me on my hip, right below my waist line. I felt the initial poke of the needle (which was only an inch long) but that was it. The medication is pretty thick so I fully expected it to burn and it didn't. It has to go in pretty slowly and it took about a full minute to push it all in, but like I said, there was no pain. A couple hours later though, the skin around the injection site burned a little and was sore. It was like that the rest of the day, but was fine the next.

I don't really know what the side effects of P17 shots are, because I didn't ask, nor did I google them, but I have been a little dizzy- not all day and mostly at night. I also feel like I'm starving. Like I woke up NEEDING to eat because my stomach hurt and felt like I hadn't eaten in days. Also, and this is totally TMI: TMI ALERT: Stop reading if you don't want to know.... but it smells a little odd "down there". Not funky, not bad or smelly, not dirty, just odd. Like it almost smells...burnt. ha ha! I tried googling that but came up with nothing. I guess I'll have to ask my doctor about that on Wednesday when I go back in. If anyone knows anything about P17 injections and their side effects or has experienced this before, let me know.


Allie said...

So glad to hear that the shot wasn't too painful especially because you are going to have so many of them. I am terrified of shots but I have zero pain tolerance :( Don't worry nothing is TMI during pregnancy, modesty is thrown out the window!

Anonymous said...

You handled that great! As for the 'smell'...I have no idea! Ha! I'd be curious as to what they say:)
I love that your posting more often. I think of you a lot when I look to see which of my blogs are updated. I get excited when you post something new! Yes, I am weird:)
Happy Easter! I need to check out your baking blog. I am dieting so don't want to get tempted!


Allison (Ali) said...

i haven't taken the p17 but i know that when i was on progesterone in oil during ivf, things definately had a distinct odor so its just the excess progesterone. nothing to worry about

Marie W said...

Lol. It does make "it" smell odd. A panty liner with baking soda helps a lot. I had itching at the site (but I got mine in my butt) and every now and then a lump would form. I also had mild cramping a few hours after the shot. I guess everyone experiences different side effects. Glad you are getting them they make a world of difference. I stopped getting my weekly shots two weeks ago and I must say that they helped because a week later there came the braxton hicks! :-) Continuing to keep you in prayers!

Rachel said...

I'm glad the injection went well and I hope they continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

I love your blogs both this one and your food one. I am so intriged my your story. When you do find out if #3 is a boy or a girl? Or is it going to be a suprise. I am so happy for you and Mr H