Monday, November 3, 2008

Go Vote (even if it's for the wrong candidate)!

Tomorrow is election day- please do your part and vote if you haven't already!

I voted Thursday and came home and found vomit on the carpet next to our bed- hopefully that won't happen to you.

from BotherVoting.org


mrsmuelly said...

good for you for voting! I voted friday. Got to love early voting. Pooh on the pukiness though.

Monica H said...

The poo came the next day!

Autumn has been a sick puppy this weekend :-(

The Nanny said...

I voted over a month ago!


BasilBean said...

I wasn't sure when I read that if you meant the word vomit as a verb or a noun. While it is unfortunate that Autumn has been a sick puppy, I was worried that it was you who did the vomiting:)

We do our voting by mail, and my ballot went out a few days ago. I am literally counting down the hours now until the results will be in!

Becky said...

I wish PA did early voting. I can't wait until tomorrow! I seriously feel like a kid at Christmas.

I was explaining things to Lily today. I was telling her how tomorrow is going to be a monumental day in the history of our country. Derick thought I was crazy, but I know she got it : )

Poor Autumn. I hope she is feeling better now. I hate when Lilo is sick, it makes me feel so helpless especially when they are afraid to get sick because they are so housetrained that they are afraid to go in the house. It breaks my heart. I wish she could understand me when I tell her that it's ok to go, I'll clean it up and cuddle with her afterwards.

Monica H said...

Nanny- woohoo!

Basilbean- I reread what I wrote and it does sound like I was the one who did the vomitting- I did not. But I reworded it for you :-)

Becky- PA is an important state for democrats. I hope your state votes correctly- lol! Good job teaching Lily early!

Travelwahine said...

I voted.

Kristi said...

DH & I voted early! I'm ready to find out our new president!!

Thanks for changing the wording, I too thought you were sick.