Thursday, November 13, 2008

Great News and "Eh" News

LD is officially a big brother now.

He was born sometime around 6 am this morning. His name starts with a 'M' and is usually followed by 'Polo'. He was 8lbs.9oz. and has a big nose. That's all I know.

That's more than I care to know, really.

I was alone most of the day today with LD while his parents were at the hospital. His Dad came home to take a nap. When he woke up all he could say was how tired he was and how the "hard part" was yet to come.

All I wanted to say was "The 'hard part' comes when you have to bury your child. Not when you bring him home. Asshole!"

Instead I smiled, nodded, wished him a good weekend and left for the day. I wasn't as upset as I expected to be, but the thought of a new baby boy did/does make my heart ache. I will inevitably have to see him on Monday when I go back to work.

I was in a bum mood this evening so we went out for dinner. And wouldn't you know we were seated next to 3 chatter box women who were planning a baby shower! One of the ladies' suggestions for favors was to offer a candle with a ribbon wrapped around it and a card attached that said "light this on the day of this child's birth". The ladies all oohed and ahhed about what a great idea it was. Sound familiar? Whatever. We couldn't get out of there fast enough so Mr. H and I mocked them the entire dinner. It was fun :-)

Wanna know some good news?

My grandma had a mammogram on Monday and the results are in: She's still cancer free! Now that's something I can celebrate this weekend.

Remember if you want an inspirational stone, leave me a comment and tell me which one you want! You have til Saturday at midnight to enter.

ETA: I just checked my email and A (LD's mom) sent me over a message titled 'Baby Pictures'. I couldn't look at them or delete them. I just froze.


The Nanny said...

Great news about your grandma! Woohoo!

And sending you good thoughts and strength vibes to help you get through the upcoming time with LD's family. Do you know if you're going to stay working with them?

Travelwahine said...

Monica, I know how hard this can be. Honey I'm the same way at work, everyone that was pregnant when I was, now has living, breathing babies and mine is buried in the cemetary. One of them insists on showing me pictures. I just want to scream, "Leave me the fuck alone". I'm happy they have their babies alive and well with them. But, it just stings SOOOO much that I don't have mine.

At times, I want to show them pictures of Ethan's grave and say look at what pretty flowers I placed there and look Jason took him another rock. But I don't. I nod quietly and busy myself with work.

Ahhh relief. I'm happy you're Grandma is OK.


tyfamilyadventures said...

Yeah woohoo if I could get up and dance i WOULD ....sending lots of prayers your way that situation just sucks...I cant imagine,but I do know what an amzing and strong woman you are.

Kristi said...

That is great news about your grandmother. How's the scrapbook coming?

I understand the 'eh' news, I tell you about my thoughtless friend having her baby. She still hasn't called me back. I don't mind.

Monica H said...

Kristi- I haven't started it (shhh! don't tell anyone). I wanted to get all my stuff together before I started andI still haven't recieved all the cards back from family.

* I sent my grandmother's family and close friends card stock to write a message to her and onlyhalf of them have sent theirs in. So frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you and praying that God will reveal His blessings in your life to get you through this tough time. So sorry you have to deal with this...


missing_one said...

argh! that sucks royally!

but i'm happy to hear about your grandma!

hang in there

Rachel said...

I'm glad your grandmother is well.

As far as LD, are you sure you want to do this? On Monday, I'll be praying for you.

Kristi said...

I'm sorry about the baby pictures. I personally would delete, but that's me.

And I meant to write "I told you", meh.

Holkyle said...

This is my sister's neighbor, right? I am sorry. I hate the underappreciation factor in other parents too.

Hope you do ok come Monday. One day at a time.


mrsmuelly said...

Fabulous news about your g-ma! Congrats to her.

On the other thing, I wish you were able to just ignore it all. Instead, you are the strongest of us all - facing it head on. I wish you strength on Monday.
And yes...a-hole!!!