Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Little (A Lot) Bummed

Okay, so I entered my sweet girl, Autumn, (my 3 y/o dog) into a photo contest for a local camera shop. I didn't necessarily think I would win 1st place, but I thought I would have a great chance. She is pretty darn cute. After all the contest was called "Cute Pet Contest". Well, the finalists were posted in the local paper today and I was seriously upset when she wasn't one of them. Maybe I'm turning into one of those Mom's who thinks her baby is the cutest but they're not really that cute. But I don't think so. She really is cute, damn it! I noticed most of the finalists were dogs, a few cats and some other miscellaneous pets (just so they didn't leave anyone out and hurt feelings- there was a horse) Whatever! I really want to call them and tell them they forgot a dog. How could they miss her pictures? I printed six 5x7 photos and put them in an envelope and placed them in the drop box. Maybe they thought I was too proud because my pictures were too big, or because there were too many of them. There was not a limit. Hmmm... I am really stumped. I also felt that way about a recipe contest I entered a few months ago. I know they didn't make the recipe or it would have won. I know you are all thinking I am full of myself, but I don't enter contests I don't think I can win. I don't enter national contests, because there's too much competition. It hurts my esteem just a bit. Anyhow, I KNOW I have a pretty girl. BTW, most of the dogs were little runts. Maybe that was the key. I think they have a biased team of judges. I'm really just a little jealous. What do you think about my little girl? These were some of the ones I entered including the one at the bottom of this blog.

Proud Doggy Momma


Monica said...

Have you ever seen that show on Animal Planet called "The Cutest Dog".. I think that is what it is called. Anyways, they always pick little runt scruffy lap dogs. I'm not sure why. I'd be pissed too. She really is a cutie. I wouldn't give up though. Next time include a letter from Autumn with a pawprint on the back. Judges love that stuff. It also helps if you can steal the other contestants entries too. Not that you would, just sayin.

Melinda said...

Grandma and Melinda agree that you do have the cutest dog ever. Don't listen to those judges. We think you should create your own contest. We know who the real winner deserves to be.
Mom and I just watched the photo show of the balloon release. We forgot our kleenex. They were beautiful pictures and we wish we could have been there. Our hearts and spirits were there though. We love you and we feel your sorrow. Many blessings on you this day. Grandma and Mindy.