Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I don't know what has gotten into my husband lately, but he has been watching a ton of home improvement shows and wants to improve upon everything in the house. There's not really a whole lot that need to be fixed, but he'll find something and get it done. Within the last 4 days, he attempted to change out our sprayer on the sink (it never really worked properly) and since it came with the original faucet and it could not be easily replaced he decided to change out the entire faucet system. $200 dollars later and a few trips to H.ome Depot the sprayer now works! While he was under the sink, he decided it was best WE mount slide out drawers under the sink to maximize our lack of storage. We did that under the kitchen sink and still have one more under the stove to install (we have a counter mount stove). There's not much room under there to work with, so he's kinda put it off for now. Hopefully it will get done within the next couple days. Our guest bathroom toilet had a small leak, so he changed out the rubber flapper and it only cost $4. Well, it didn't work. The toilet began to flush twice everytime you tried to flush it. He had to replace the entire flushing mechanism for the toilet. But now it flushes and there isn't any water being wasted. Way to conserve water and save the Earth! What would I do without my own Bob Villa? Thank you honey!


Monica said...

I'm still impressed that he even tried! You know what happened when we tried to tackle the ever so hard project of putting up shelves. And yes, they are still holding on. Barely.

niobe said...

Your husband sounds like the best. I'm amazed that he actually watches home improvement shows.

On the other hand, I think the guy in the photo needs to learn how to just say no to crack.

Monica H said...

The guy in the photo is my husband! no, I'm just kidding, but his crack was showing too while he was working but he would not have appreciated me taking a picture of it. He is the best and by the way, the other pull out drawer got installed the other night and it works perfectly.

Ingrid said...

HA! When I first saw that photo I burst out laughing and thought NO SHE DIDN'T?!!