Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lil' Chocolate Jimmy's

Obviously I have nothing to do because this is my 3rd post in 24 hours, and there's more to come. The last meal I ate before Sam was born/died was a bowl of O.hs! cereal. Well guess what? They've been in my pantry for a year. I haven't eaten them or even moved the box. It was far too much to handle looking at the damn box of cereal and knowing what I had to do with it. Today I threw it away. I threw the box in the trash (and I have proof)!!! I feel better, but still a little sad. It's one step closer to "recovery" (if there is such a thing). I am making brownies for the celebration tonight and I still have to go get balloons, then I'll be ready. I have already baked and frosted 24 cupcakes (I made my own frosting) and I sprinkled them with Lil' Chocolate Jimmy's (they're actually chocolate jimmies, but a dear friend of mine, who has also suffered a loss, has a baby boy named Jimmy, so I'm calling them Jimmy's instead). That way he can be at the party too. I put together 2 silk arrangements to take to the cemetery, my husband packed the cooler and his trumpet, I have permanent markers to write on the balloons with, the plush puppy I bought for him 2 months ago, all I need is my sanity. Oh, where did it go? I'll write later and post pictures of the balloon release. Happy Birthday Sam!



ms. G said...

I have a Hershey bar with almonds that our nephew gave my husband in the hospital. He can't get rid of it. So, I so understand the cereal thing.

Monica said...

It strange how we connect things like cereal and chocolate bars to our pregnancy, but when you've had a loss or two, it's the details that are oh so important.