Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 5, 6, and 7

Day 5- We went to the town square to check on time for the Narrow Gauge Railroad to Silverton and back. The rates are ridiculous! so we decide we are going to drive instead. Besides round trip train ride is approximately 9 hours- even more ridiculous since we are traveling with our dogs and we can't leave them at home for that long by themselves.

Mr. H and I went to lunch on the patio at the Palace Hotel then we did a little shopping at some of the shops downtown. I got a little zuni penguin to add to my collection. The legend is that the animals in Indian culture represent or offer something. The birds are supposed to send your prayers to the Gods. However, penguins don't fly- so that may be my problem. Maybe I should get an eagle instead.

Day 6- We lounged around the house, had a late breakfast, worked on a puzzle then went to a nice dinner recommended by a guy we met at the grocery store.

Day 7- We have been having problems with our water system. Since Sunday the water has been shutting off for 30 seconds- 10 minutes at a time usually right int he middle of our showers leaving us with face fulls of soap. Not good. Since we are at the very tip top of the hill, the water has to be pumped up the hill via wells and pumps. The owner offered us our money back if we wanted to find somewhere else to stay, but we really didn't want to stay in a hotel. We chose to stay in the house and have the water fixed. This task took 4 days to fix! We should be compensated greatly seeing as we didn't even have running water for over 24 hours. We had to dump buckets of water from the hot tub into the toilets for them to flush. crazy. But now the water works and is running very well (no pun intended) up the hill.

* * * * *
Here are a few pictures I took while roaming around town. I'll update again tomorrow about our trip on the Million Dollar Highway. The last two photos are of the meadow (our view from the top of the hill).


Kristi said...

Ah, so that's where the Wild Things are!!

Dh has that Office Hours sign outside his office hour.

Looks very peace, not envying the water situation though.

The Nanny said...

Sounds like you're having a very peaceful, relaxing time. (Well, not the water thing, though...)

The pictures are gorgeous!