Monday, June 2, 2008


We visited Mr. H's grandma over the weekend for her 88th birthday. She lives about 3.5 hours from here, so it wasn't so bad, but it is just so darn hot. All of her kids (all 7 of them) were there, and most of their kids. It was a nice, but long weekend.

While we were there, we went to see Sex & The City. Their movie tickets are only $4 so we decided to watch it there, than at home. I was kind of disappointed in the movie though. I've read other reviews about how they loved it, but I just didn't. I think the series is so much better. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but it wasn't at all like I expected. There was a wedding and there was a baby, but not like you think. And I didn't understand why there was a microphone looming over the actors throughout 90% of the movie. That's just bad editing. I don't get it. I would watch it again to give it a fair chance, but out of 5 stars, I give it a 2.5.

Mr. H and Aaron went to a water park with his aunts, uncle and cousins. We saw them over the weekend, and invited us, but I had to go to the dermatologist and take Bunny to the vet, so I couldn't go. That's alright though, because you know how I feel about germy water (#8). That is not my cup of tea- hot, sweaty, floating around in pee water, and getting burned- no thanks.

I took August to the vet today to get his nails trimmed. This was his first visit and he did very well. I was apprehensive about taking him, because I knew they would give him an exam and determine the sex. I have assumed he was a boy, because that's what I feel he is, but I don't see or feel any testicles. Mr. H has had 2 male bunnies prior to this one, and at about 6 months, the testicles should "drop" and be visible. Well he's approximately 10-12 months and there's nothing there that I can tell. He got his nails trimmed, got his heart listened to, got weighed and got "sexed". He is indeed a little boy- whew! and he has gained weight. He is now 2.6 pounds and stretches out to about 18 inches. Cuddled in a ball, he is about 8-9 inches long. He has doubled his weight and has grown a few inches since we first got him. Way to grow Mister!

On Wednesday, Autumn will get groomed and bathed. I know she doesn't love it, but she'll look (and smell) so much nicer when it's all done. She needs a haircut before we go on our trip this weekend.

I've been having symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms. Except I'm not pregnant. When I was pregnant with Sam, I could not wear my wedding rings because they would irritate my finger. My ring finger would get red and itchy but only when I was pregnant with him. I haven't had this happen in 2 years, but it's back. And it reminds me of him and being pregnant everyday. Also, my nipples are so tender. They really hurt and I'm not sure why. Mr. H thinks it's PMS, but I've never had that symptom before. The only time my boobs ever hurt was when I was pregnant. So of course, I ran to the bathroom to POAS but it was negative. I've gotta stop doing that. I knew it would be negative, but I hoped anyway. I know my time will come and I'm not writing this to get sympathy comments from you all, I just don't get it. Will I always find ways to connect my current situation to my boys, and getting/being pregnant the rest of my life? Is there a real connection, or am I just grasping at anything that I can tie back to them?

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Congrats JGirl and Coggy! I wish you a healthy, safe and successful pregnancy. Many blessings to you both.


mrsmuelly said...

I think it's okay for us to connect situations to our boys. We deserve it...to remember our boys is definitely okay. We must be on the same wavelength b/c I've had the "never done this except when pregnant" symptoms too - sore boobs, craving milk. Not pregnant either - trying to chalk it up to PMS. Glad you had an okay weekend. It sounds quite full.

Kristi said...

I'm sorry your body is playing games with you.