Monday, June 30, 2008

"Every Artist Was Once An Amateur"

I had a good day yesterday. It started off by going to dim sum with my mom and sister. We had dumplings galore- shrimp, scallop, pork and shrimp, chicken and basil, and jalapeno shrimp morsels. We also had barbecue steamed buns, sea bass, and peking duck. It was all scrumptious! We ended the meal with fortune cookies (the title is my fortune) and pictures with the buddha.

My mom and I then went to T.arget to get gifts for my cousins birthdays. My mom and I have birthdays one week apart (hers is on the 5th). My cousins have the same birthdays as ours. So we usually all celebrate together, but this year we didn't- which is fine with me.

Afterwards, she dropped me off at home and I took a nap on the couch. I woke up 45 minutes later with Mr. H standing over me with the telephone in his hand, "It's Dad", he whispered.

I sat up half-asleep and confused. When I said hello, my MIL and FIL started singing to me! Can you believe this? I haven't spoken to them in a week and a half but they called me to wish me happy birthday. I still find this a little dumbfounding. I thought for sure my FIL wouldn't remember and my MIL just wouldn't care, but I was wrong. I don't know if this is her way of trying to make ammends (because she does not apologize) or if she was just trying to be nice. Either way, it was much appreciated.

For dinner Mr. H, Aaron and I went to dinner at a local pizzeria. We had never been there before (I had a coupon), but it was honestly some of the best pizza I have ever had. Then we went to my mom's house for birthday cake. She is not a baker by any means, in fact it's very difficult for her to follow a recipe, but this is one thing she has figured out how to make (and she's good at it!). She made me Tres Leches cake with fresh strawberries. mmmmm :-)

On the way home, it started to rain. I haven't seen rain in several weeks. so it was nice to see and smell. And the lightning was incredible. I wish I had a camera fast enough to capture the root like structure in the sky. It was a perfect nightcap to my day. Thanks everyone for the thoughtful birthday wishes!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the evening:


The Nanny said...

Oh my god, girl, you have GOT to stop posting pictures of yummy desserts on your blog unless you're sharing!!! No fair! :-)

Anonymous said...

YUM - dim sum! Where did you go? I am in Austin too and would love to know of a good place. Glad you had a good birthday - you deserve it!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday!

Monica said...

Yummy! Any chance you still have some cake? Cause I still have the hungries.

Happy B-Day again.

Hey, did you get my voicemail?

Heidi said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! Sounds like you had a great time.

wannabe mom said...

sounds like you had a wonderful day! and the milky cake looks divine.

Monica H said...

ANON- Chinatown.

theviewfromthisplace said...

i love tres leches, but not everyone can make it well. i have no doubt however that making delicious patries runs in the family. i am so glad that you had a wonderfuly day. you have a beautiful smile, thanks for posting photos. and yes, i too am dumbfounded that they wished a happy birthday singing and all!

mkv said...

Well gosh, I'm behind on my readings. Happy Late Birthday!

Monica H said...

TheViewFromThisPlace- I totally agree. I have had some really milky cakes before and they were NOT good. My mom's recipe is not really authentic, but it's good and moist without being overly sweet and soggy.