Monday, December 31, 2007

12 Months. 12 Facts.

It's the last day of 2007. I have mixed emotions about this year. It was a year of heartache, yet it was still the year I gave birth to my beautiful son and became a mother to a second child. I thank God for my experiences, because I know I will gain something from them all, but I wish there wasn't such a high price to pay to learn a life lesson.

January- Got a cerclage in hopes that everything would work out and I would have a live baby.

February - Jack died and we made funeral arrangement on his dad's birthday. He was buried the next morning.

March- I met with the peri and he gave us the go ahead to try again.

April- We took a much needed spiritual trip to Santa Fe over Easter. Made lifelong friends at a pregnancy loss group.

May- Raised $1015 and walked for my boys in The March of Dimes and celebrated Mother's Day crying over their headstones at the cemetery.

June- Enjoyed a relaxing weekend on the coast and had another birthday.

July- Picked wild strawberries from a field with Sam and Aaron.

August- Celebrated Sam's 1st birthday with a balloon release. Got a bunny named August and started a blog.

September- Made Autumn treats for her 3rd birthday, and tamales with my family after my mom had surgery.

October- Started a new support group and made new friends. Met Andy and Ethan for the first time :)

November- Found a new (good) doctor I like- not a small feat.

December- Grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer. Realized that even though I wasn't able to physically spend Christmas with my boys that they spent Christmas in Heaven with the birthday boy. And that must have been the best!

Now for a few little facts about me that you should know as we enter 2008. Thanks for the idea Monica and Holly!

1. I don't like warm cream cheese or dishes with corn in them- yuck!

2. Although I think corn is fascinating. You can do so freakin' much with it. For example: corn on the cob, corn niblets, creamed corn, corn meal, polenta, corn starch, corn oil, plastics, ethanol, the list goes on. I'm kinda like the bubba gump of corn.

3. I DO NOT drink water from the bathroom faucet- no exceptions!

4. I'm addicted to lip balm and deep conditioners. Not because I'm dry or chapped, but because I like to be extra hydrated.

5. Mr. H is the only man I have ever been with and we've been together for almost 9 years.

6. I am a jealous person. I do not want to be, but I am.

7. I am a judgemental person. Again, I do not want to be, but I am.

8. I have a fear of cold wet places. Well, not really a fear so much as it just completely grosses me out. I DO NOT like to touch the shower wall, or shower curtain. I don't like to pick up shampoo bottles that are cold and wet because the water gets trapped in the lid and then it spills down my arm- gross. I also don't like to put my feet flat on the shower floor- it makes me feel dirty. I don't like to shower after someone else, because I feel like their germs are "fresh" and they're going to get on me. Probably why Mr. H and I have separate bathrooms. I think I am a little crazy!

9. My toe nails are always painted a shade of pink or red, they're never bare because I don't like my feet.

10. I am ashamed and disappointed in myself for contemplating divorce. (Honey, I'm sorry. Don't be mad at me.)

11. I've never been drunk. (I'm thinking maybe I should give it a try!)

12. I really believe that David Ball wrote the song "Thinkin' Problem" for me. Ha! That makes me laugh.

Okay, that's it! If you have any fun facts about yourself, leave them in the comment section. I'd love to read them. And since it's the last day of the year, if you're a lurker, stop reading long enough to say hi, then you can go back on your merry way. And while you're at it, stop by to visit Virginia and wish her well. 4 years ago today, her son, Ben, left this Earth far too early.

And before I forget, here is a photo of August and Autumn I took to send out with the Christmas cards. I did not send this one, but I thought it was funny. Autumn is a little jealous of August and she didn't want to sit next to him.


Lori said...

First, I have to tell you, I was amazed that you found penguin Christmas cards. Then, when I opened it and saw the pics of your 2 furry ones, I laughed. It is the cutest picture!! I bet you had to be "on the fly" to snap those pictures!

I do wish you much luck this coming year. Well, not luck, but blessings. You also are supposed to eat cabbage. It's for money.

Monica said...

What.. never been drunk? Hmm... I have an idea. We will discuss later.

The corn thing cracked me up. My dad is the same way only he's not as creative. He put corn in spaghetti once... it was scary.

I bought some black eyed peas and my mom gave me some salt pork from her fridge. I ate some last January and had a good year.

The Nanny said...

Fun fact about me: I'm a strict vegetarian who also doesn't eat cheese. I'm not a vegan--I love milk & yogurt--but just won't eat cheese. It makes finding things to eat challenging but it's forced me to try things I probably wouldn't have otherwise!

P.S. I'm a good nanny. I've never been (really) drunk either. Just a little tipsy. We nannies are fairly innocent on the whole.

P.P.S. Your pets are too cute. I love the dog-bunny jealous relationship. Max & Lula (my dog and bird) are the same way--if I'm paying attention to one, the other FREAKS out and demands attention. It's too funny!

Monica H said...


You left the first comment of the New Year! Congrats, now we get to go get drunk together- my treat. BTW, you're under age so you shouldn't be drinking anyway. Wanna share a virgin colada?

The Nanny said...

Yeah, yeah, I am underage. Oh well. So I suppose a virgin colada will suffice. Though virgin margaritas are good too...yum. Go to Chili's. They have yummy ones!

meg said...

I can't think of too many interesting facts about me, but I loved reading this about you.

The photo of Autumn and August, is too funny. She really does look jealous!

Jen said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing your journey. I wish you the very best for 2008!

Kristi said...

I'm surprised that you've never been drunk. Not that you seem like a drunkard, but usually if you drink alcohol, you've been drunk at least once, even if it just sneaks up on you.

Wishing you many blessings in 2008.

Monica said...

I think Kristi IS trying to say you look like a drunkard.


I just love the word verification for tonight..."sfmiry"

lifeofadancer312 said...

The thing about the corn is so funny... I never really though about all the things that you can do with corn!

Oh and your dog is way to cute!

-The Nanny's Sister

Monica said...

Monica.. you talk about being jealous and judgmental as if it is a bad thing!

Christyna said...

hmmm I drink enough for the bopth of us ha ha! I do recommend a few drinks now and then lady.

I count stairs. up down no matter where they are, If I'm walking them I have to count them. it's odd. may stem from my room in our basement when I did it to count the stairs in the dark in case the light ever blew out ha ha or I'm just OCD.

Kristi said...

Monca is a troublemaker, but I'm willing to go along with the two of you to get drunk. That's what friends are for.

Holkyle said...

it is funny. I saw your timeline and I thought about doing that too, about 2007.

For the record I hate black eyed peas and ate them last Jan 1 and don't think it makes a difference! I ate 3 black eyed peas yesterday and almost barfed. They stunk. :) ha ha.

I like your list too. Glad to share. You DO need to get tipsy though. It's worth a shot! :) no pun intended.

Monica H said...

I've never been drunk because I have alcoholics in the family and a couple of them have died from it. I see my brother heading in the same direction and it scares me.

I have been buzzed (do people still use that word?) but never drunk. What can I say? I have self control. I feel myself getting to that point and I don't like the way I feel, so I stop.

And I don't understand why at EVERY freakin' family gathering there HAS to be a bottle of liquor and some stupid drunk relatives stumbling around. It really bothers me. I'm not saying it's wrong to get drunk, but it is not my idea of fun. I've always felt that I had/have to take care of others and if I'm drunk then we're all screwed! Maybe one day, but not anytime in the near future.

Thanks to all of you who were trying to help out by getting me there :)

Monica H said...

Welcome Jen and Nanny's sister!

And Chrystina- I count the freakin' stairs too. There were 15 in my old apartment. Only I count all kids of things and I add up the nubers on digital clocks- it's maddening!

I also outline people's profiles in my mind...over and over and over. Ican't stop! Kinda like the snowflakes :)

Rachel said...

I am the same way about being cold and wet.

I've never been drunk either.

I've also only ever been with my husband.

If my hands are dirty I hate letting my fingers touch each other.

I am deathly afraid of raccoons.

I worked on a dairy farm during college which is why I am scared of raccoons.

One of my favorite meals is Papa Johns pizza, a glass of milk, and my mom's potato salad. I know it's weird but I love it.

Hennifer said...

Hi... I'm a lurker I guess :) Found you through someone... Monica, Catherine, Mizfitza... not sure. I'm a mother of 2. I always feel a tad hesitant because my children are living. I've come into this community through my midwife's site. I stay because I am touched, blessed and motivated by each and every one of you and your children. I thrive on the honesty you all share every day. And STRENGTH! I'm inspired by it. I'm currently seperated (ugly affair on his part, small children) and you've all helped me realize my life is not over, and the value of making my children my life. I hug them each a little tighter every day because of you, and you, and you.

ps... and your recipes are good too :)