Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Spirit Tree

I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind and encouraging words regarding my recent posts about trying again and feeling the Christmas blues. I appreciate all the comments and look forward to reading them. It's kind of odd that I get more support here on the computer than I do in real life. So, thank you (and I'm sorry for making any of you cry- that was not my intention at all.)

I decided to put up a Christmas tree after all and I wanted to share it with y'all since you are the ones that encouraged me to do it. It is beautiful and I'm glad I did it. It's a small 3 footer, but it's loaded with ornaments that I adore. I certainly have favorites and I've taken pictures of a few of them to show you. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

The boys tree flanked by nutcrackers and the mercury glass tree topper.

"Thank Heaven for little boys"

These are sterling silver ornaments that have their name and birth date engraved on them.

These are hand painted porcelain discs painted by a friend of mine especially for my little angels. On the back is all their birth information. The one on the left is for Sam and the right one is for Jack.

The remembrance ornaments I got for each of the boys.

The letter "S" with cookie monster and my little "Jack" hammer.

Santa's outfit on a beaded hangar (this could have actually fit them) and Santa playing with race cars.

Linus with Snoopy and a little bunny that reminds me of August. The pressed tin angel we got on our vacation in Santa Fe.

An angel of happiness with blue and green crayons (I have a red and yellow one, too). A star also from Santa Fe, a Pooh snow globe that lights up (I also have a Tigger) and a glittery star burst that my in-laws gave us "in light of Baby Sam".

A jingle bell reindeer and an angel I got for Sam last year rest at the base of the tree on top of my favorite penguin blanket.

And lastly, this is our mantle for our family of 5 (Dad, Mom, Autumn, Sam and Jack). I guess now, I have to get one for August. Maybe I'll just get a little one and hang it on his cage with a carrot in it :)

ETA: And one more!For my "Jack" -in -the-box


Kristi said...

That is beautiful Monica! Such wonderful ornaments for Sam & Jack. I know the holidays aren't the same, we can change traditions to suit our needs. Well at least our personal traditions, maybe not extended family. : ) I hope you find peace during the holidays.

Christyna said...

great job. it's beautiful to look at as well as know the sentiment behind it. I'm glad you got to that point. Good for you. I hope you feel the prescence of your angels even more than you normally do. You're a wonderful beautiful woman with a very brave and kind soul.

Andria and Co. said...

What a beautiful and sentimental remembrance. I love your nutcrackers too. :)

The Nanny said...

Thank you for sharing--it's a beautiful tree with so many special ornaments. I love the boys' stockings :-)

ms. G said...

Monica, I love your tree, thank you so much for sharing. I love ornaments, but haven't been too into them in the past couple of years. Seeing yours made me feel a bit of holiday spirit, so thank you.

Becky said...

What a beautiful tree! I'm so glad that you posted pictures of it!

I'm very proud of you. I was thinking of you today and decided to put up more decorations. I kept thinking, "Riley deserves the perfect 1st Christmas."

Christyna said...

Mon- do you read this blog? http://furtherrecords.wordpress.com/

if no, go for it, if so. they just had a healthy baby boy, it may give you hope and inspire you.

meg said...

Monica, I love your tree so much. And the ornaments are awesome. Christmas is hard, I know. I'll be thinking of you lots.

Erica said...

The tree is beautiful I think it was a great idea.

The Walsh's said...

Loving the mantle! Beautiful sense of style and a beautiful story. Glad I know you.

Monica H said...

Christyna- I went to that blog and was going to read it and saw that the title said "Welcome Baby Samuel" and I couldn't read any further. It's hard for me to see healthy baby boys with the same name as my children (regardless of their stories). Thanks for the message of hope though.