Thursday, May 28, 2009

Appointment and a Sunset

My appointment yesterday went okay.

When I made the phone call to make the appt. on Monday, the receptionist said I needed to see the nurse practitioner for my annual exam (since it had already been 18 months since the last one) then from there I could schedule another appt to discuss other issues with my OB. I agreed because at least I didn't have to wait several weeks for the appt.

The nurse practitioner was very nice, friendly and informative. She was a little too skinny and her Barbie pink toes peeked out from the opening in her peep-toe heels. She had long blond hair and tried to show the world she was in her thirties. Clearly the gray forming at her roots proved otherwise. But like I said she was nice.

She felt me up, made jokes about what a pro I was at spreading my legs, then tickled my cervix with a cotton swab. They did a pregnancy test which was negative and took blood to check my thyroid and hormone levels. The results should be back in 2 weeks, but more than likely sooner. I sure as hell hope they don't send be a "normal" card, like they did here and here. Bastards.

I asked her about my cycles being so wonky and she said that anything between 21 and 35 days is considered normal. But for the last 3 months they haven't fallen into that category. But really there isn't anything they can do until the blood work comes back, so I wait. Truth be told, I don't really care about my period, I just want to ovulate but since my cycle isn't regular I don't know when or if I am. She suggested I start temping or checking my mucus consistency. She recommended by name the OvuLite, ovulation predictor using saliva. This is also the same product that my friend Lori suggested- thanks Lori!) I was waiting to buy anything since I thought I was pregnant, but since I'm not I think I'll do some research on it then purchase it wherever I can find it cheap!

I asked her if I needed to schedule a follow-up appt. with my OB and she said I didn't need to unless I got pregnant or in November, which ever comes first.

That's all I know for now, but I'll leave you with a photo of the sunset last night. It was stunning.


Beth said...

Beautiful sunset.

Lets hope for some quick answers....the waiting is never fun.

Anonymous said...

Glad the app went ok and I will be eagerly awaiting your results. I hope the sunset is a sign of beautiful things to come for you xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Beautifil picture...as for ttc my friend Michelles Dr suggested taking Robittusson (sp) to make cervical mucos thinner to allow the sperm to get through easier...thinking of you often

Kristi said...

Awesome sunset.

Sometimes you have to be persistent with doctors. When we got pregnant with Ethan I called my OB/GYN - we wanted to talk with her to make sure that she could provide the care we wanted with such a scary pregnancy. The scheduler kept telling me that the doctor didn't see pregnant women until after the 8th week (or was it 12th?)After several calls, I finally talked to someone who understood how important this consultation was to us.

I hope you get the care you want and need.

froggy mommy said...

I hope that the results bring answers, and I hope they come back quickly!

jaded said...

i wish i could have enjoyed the sunset with you...margaritas in hand...but i digress...

i'm waiting for answers with you...this is a good start.

Lori said...

You can borrow mine if you want. It's totally "clean and sanitary". Just give me a call!

Sophie said...

Gorgeous sunset! Keep us posted with the test results. I hate those annual appointments, I avoid mine like the plague :P... I'm going to look into that saliva test, my stupid $200 one only works up to day 20 something.