Friday, June 5, 2009

Lonesome Dove

I have a hanging basket on my back porch that has been there for a very long while. Possibly 2 years or longer, now that I'm thinking about it...sheesh! It use to be a home for a pitiful hibiscus plant given to me when I was in the hospital a while back. Anyway, needless to say, the plant didn't survive. You can see it's remnants in the center of the basket. Don't judge me.

I call it my island :-)

I was going to take it down (what's my rush?) but didn't because I didn't know where to put it. The very next day, this little guy...er, girl, was sitting in it. I went out to take pictures, but it was kind of dark and the wind kept blowing the basket around. I changed the settings on the camera and managed to shoot this. It's a little blurry and looks somewhat like a painting, but I like it!

A few weeks later....a dove-let!

I think this is one of 3. They were all perched up on the island and I went to the door and turned on my camera and they all took off. This little fella flew down and sat on the porch. I walked outside, shut the door behind me, walked towards him, sat next to him and it didn't move! Amazing. I thought maybe there was something wrong with it's wing, but he was fine. Just friendly.

I did not use the zoom to take this picture. I sat next to him, then walked in front of him to get a better angle. I was about a foot away from him and was able to take 3 pics before he flew off.

So fuzzy.


Sophie said...

I think that photo is beautiful, I actually thought you edited it with a photo editor! Lol

That's so sweet that you got to see the babies, he/she looks like he's posing for you. :)

Kristi said...


Seraphim said...

Funny how something that seems to have no purpose often creates one for itself. I love that the basket became its home. Hugs x