Monday, June 22, 2009


Hmmm...what to say, what to say.

I intended to write a post for Father's day but I had a full plate and very minimal free time. I've been working extra because the family I nanny for is leaving for a month and they currently have family visiting now. Which only means that A. isn't there because she's out shopping all effin' day. Like today for example.

A's SIL and her husband are in town and she's newly pregnant. They've been here for a few days and each and every day they go shopping for more shit. They bring it home and stack it up in the living room. There's a 10x8' section that is cluttered with baby stuff. A crib, a mattress, a stroller, a pack n' play, a high chair, clothes, bottles, an activity mat, a nursing pump, a car seat, bedding, a lamp, valances, a diaper holder, a diaper champ, diapers etc. etc. etc. It's sickening.

They bought all the stuff here because it's cheaper in the states than where they live. They're driving 4 hours (each way) on Thursday to take all their crap to be shipped via boat to their country. It's nutty, I tell you. I hope they're baby lives and gets to use it all. That's all I'm saying about that. Am I jealous and a bit bitter? You bet.

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Father's day was nice, despite the fact that I got up early to bake a pie for my FIL and at the last minute it went to shit and I shoved it down the disposal. I don't think I've ever cried over a baked good, but this one was tempting. We went to my in-laws house and had a steaks on the grill and lots of other goodies. It was relaxing, but still a little bittersweet. It's not as emotional for me as mother's day is, but it's still hard. June 20th, which was Father's Day in 2005, we got engaged. 2 years later on Father's Day, we announced to our family that we were expecting our first child. It just seems that for a while this holiday was pleasant and now we're missing what makes this day so special.

Sarah sent this picture to me a few days ago. Thank you sweetie, it is just so beautiful.


Seraphim said...

Oh Monica, it's a good thing I don't live near you because I think I might have hurt your insenstivite "A" (does that stand for asshole btw?)
anyways, glad you liked the picture and still hoping. Cos that's what i do! xxxx

froggy mommy said...

Such a lovely photo. Lots of hugs coming your way!

Anonymous said...

wow, you are something girl. i would have told them to please keep it in their room. seriously. i am not about making life easy on other people, i am being about ME a lot more, ya know?

on the crying front - i have cried for a lot less a lot often so i hear you on that.

hang tight your time will come.

i miss talking to you...

Anonymous said...

oh and i loved the photo and gesture - how original.

Virginia said...


I know... Seriously, I think you should open a bakery, though given the economy, now is not the time. But could you work in one? You have talent, girl! I hate for you to work for that woman--you deserve better.


Rachel said...

Sorry about the pie, my bad luck must have rubbed off on you.

I know you are attached to the little man, but maybe it is time to find a new family to work for. It may be easier on you.

Kristi said...

I agree with Rachel. You have to do what's best for you and you know how much you can handle. But I would quit.

I almost cried over a cake this weekend. Father's Day is bittersweet.

The Nanny said...

I second opening a bakery. I'll come work for you in the summers when I'm home from school!

Hugs to you & Mr. H.

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

You've GOT to write a book about 'A', I mean asshole. :)

Sophie said...

I'm really sorry about A. Yeah, I have to agree with the first comment, that's pretty insensitive. Who knows, maybe she's just ignorant? Either way, I'm sorry those few days were rough. Beautiful pic of the rose, though.

And btw, I cry over failed kitchen experiments/baked goods, don't feel bad about it :P!