Thursday, March 27, 2008

Butta Fingas

What the hell is the matter with me? I keep dropping things in the toilet. A couple weeks ago, I dropped my paycheck in the toilet, while we were at the spa getting a massage. Today I dropped my heart locket in the toilet (after I used the bathroom-yuck!). And then right after that, I dropped a tampon fresh out of the wrapper straight in to the bowl. What's next? I laugh but I really wanna cry.

BTW, someone told me today that I shouldn't let the loss of my boys consume me because it wasn't healthy. Why didn't I think of that?


Rachel said...

You need a toilet with a lid that closes when it senses something falling into it that shouldn't be there.

The only people who would tell you not to dwell on your loss are those that haven't been in your shoes. Everyone heals differently. Even if you had a child in your arms right now, you would still miss Sam and Jack. I wish the hurt wasn't so strong.

Monica H said...

Rachel- Sadly, this person had a stillbirth about 7 years ago and I met her in our support group. I guess I should be over it by now.

Antigone said...

I've had a similar week. I dropped a hair rubberband into the toilet and then the next day dropped a large wadded up piece of tape from a lint roller.

No, I guess we shouldn't let it consume us. I just don't know how to not let it.

Kristi said...


I'm sorry she said that, I know how that stings.

Anonymous said...

Oh good grief...Everybody handles things differently.Who is she to say whats right and wrong.Take care of yourself.And hold on to things close to the potty...lol

niobe said...

(ooops...that deleted post above was me)

On the moving on with your life thing. I got that a lot, mostly from my family.

And the fact that someone in your support group could say something like that to you makes me kinda glad that I never joined a support group.

Coggy said...

I don't think it's up to anyone else to tell you when you should be over it. I don't think I will ever be over it.
Someone said to me that maybe one day I might be able to think it was OK. I practically bit their head off. It will never be OK.

meg said...

Yeah, that's pretty shocking that it was someone in your support group that said that. Unbelievable.