Monday, March 10, 2008

She Had To Go

"...And walking by a piece of furniture and thinking 'there's no way she dusted that'." That's because she didn't.

Mr. H had to go meet her this morning at 8am so she could follow him to our house since she wasn't familiar with the area. She started cleaning right away as I was asleep on the opposite side of the house. I didn't really hear her, but I knew she was there because Autumn stood at the door trying to get out to go play with her.

When I got up this morning, she was dusting the blinds with a S.wiffer duster. Come on, that's *my way* of dusting cause I'm lazy. I don't mind her dusting the blinds with a duster, but not the rest of the furniture in the house. Mr. H gave her dusting rags, cotton towels, and furniture polish. He walked her around the house and said he wanted the entire house dusted, vacuumed, mopped, wiped down, etc. She said "okay". She was fully equipped with everything she needed to clean this house. And she had the nerve to walk by the entry table and dust the edge of the table with a duster rather than taking the stuff off the table and wiping it down. I'm not even that lazy. Mr. H had to tell her to re-dust several things in the house and only until then did she use the furniture polish and towel. She did vacuum the whole house and cleaned one bathroom 90% of the way. She half-ass dusted and cleaned the tile in the entry. She "dusted" the coffee table, but didn't move anything. She merely wiped the exposed edges down. I don't clean that way and if I'm going to pay someone else to do it, I expect it done properly.

She was referred to us by Mr. H's friend (D) and his wife (M). She has been cleaning their house amd their daughter's house for the past 3-4 years! She came highly recommended and their houses are spotless. I don't understand why she was such a slacker for us. She usually cleans their house for $70 week (2x a month). She didn't not come over on Saturday like she said she would to give us an estimate. Our houses are approximately the same size, so I assumed it would be relatively close to what the other couple pays. D and M called on Saturday to let us know she would be coming over to clean our house this morning. She wanted $100 because she had to drive so far. WTF? I'm not paying for her gas. She knew where we lived and decided to come clean our house without visiting ahead of time. That's her problem. Maybe that's why she did such a shotty job.

At about 1pm and after "working" for about 4 hours, Mr. H handed her $45 and told her to take a hike. She left happily and waved "okay goodbye". What I don't understand is that they raved about her. M says "she can clean a bathroom so well you could eat off the toilet." (she left a toothpaste ring in the sink). "She sweeps the front porch everytime she comes over". "She cleans our windows and dusts all my collectibles." Hell, I couldn't even get her to clean the desk (which I cleared off for her) much less my collectibles. I am so done with her, so she had to go. I'm sorry Rachel and Meg, but you really don't want her to come to your house. You'd kick her out after getting frustrated with her and then you'd have to finish cleaning yourself. (BTW, Thanks honey for mopping the floors- they look great!)

I left work early because LD ( the 15 month old) was sick and had to go to the doctor at the last minute. Mr. H and I went to have an early supper and on the way home I saw this. It has been raining like crazy today and the clouds finally parted and made for this interesting photo.

Edited To Add: I have been wondering lately if the reason she didn't want to be there was because she saw all our deadbaby stuff. We have pictures and footprints and such through out the house, but more so on the table she didn't dust. ???


Anonymous said...

Oh wow I love that photo.Sorry the lady didn't work out.I don't understand why if you are going to do a job why not do it right in the first place.So are you going to try a different cleaning lady?

Monica H said...

I don't think she wanted the job in the first place. I don't really understand that because she could have just declined- she could have said it was too far for her. Whatever. Unfortunatly, I think Mr. H and I are the cleaning ladies. WE always have been, the only reason I hired her was because she came so highly recommended and she was cheap. Neither of which came through.

Rachel said...

You're right, I am currently capable of getting my house at least that clean. I would just love for my floors to get mopped more than once every 2 weeks, I guess until I get more time, I'll have to settle for a house that isn't up to my standards.

That picture is beautiful!

Beth said...

Wow! If you pay a house keeper to CLEAN your house, you expect a clean house. That table was NOT dusted at all! You are better off without her that's for sure!

Becky said...

Sorry that the cleaning lady dind't work out. Maybe you'll be able to find someone else soon. My biggest problem, and being in my current situation it's a problem, is that when people (other than my mom and my aunt) come over to help clean or something...I always have to redo it because it's not right. If someone else does the dishes, even Derick, I re-wash them. They just aren't done right!

In my opinion, you are MUCH better off without her!

Myrilla said...

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