Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Whenever I See Your Smiling Face"

This song has always reminded me of us. Mr. H played it for me several years ago and it instantly became "our song". He just liked the song for the song but I liked it for the lyrics- it just made so much sense. "I thought I was in love a couple of times before with the girl next door, but that was long before I met you, now I'm sure that I won't forget you". He thought he was in love with the girl next door, until he met me :-)

This is not the original artist and some of the lyrics are missing, but I liked this guys enthusiasm (isn't he great?), so I'm posting this one instead. To hear J.ames T.aylor's version, click here.

Do you and your love have a special song? What is it?


The Nanny said...

It sounds incredibly cheesy & corny, but "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White T's. We've loved it since before it got so famous. It fits us perfectly.

mrsmuelly said...

Hello...I just found your blog. I love James Taylor, but that's not my comment. Your story about your boys is so similar to mine that it's scary...and I'm in Texas too. I just lost my second son on March 6. I'd really like to "talk" more. mattandwindy@yahoo.com

Rachel said...

We don't really have one special song, more like a series of songs. For our 5th anniversary I made M a CD with all of them. Now I'll have to make another one since more have come along.

Whenever he does karaoke, he sings beautiful tonight. Of course we only does karaoke when he's out of town for work so I've never gotten to hear him, but he does sing that to me often.

Antigone said...

Not exactly but certain songs from Frank Sinatra to Monty Python will end up with us giggling and dancing in the kitchen.