Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend Fun...Don't Get Jealous!

I don't know why I was so excited about car shopping...that shit is exhausting. But I did manage to get a slight tan out of it. We have narrowed our search down to the car we want, we just need to find one in our price range with good mileage and the extras we want. So really, we've made no progress. Oh, and we managed to only cuss out one dealership. Record for us!

I babysat LD tonight. His mom's birthday was today so she asked me to watch him while they went to dinner. I was supposed to watch him from 3-9, but ended up staying there til 10:30. Boo. He was fussy all night and kept crying for his mom, which made for a terribly exciting evening.

Her baby shower was on Saturday. And despite everyone's efforts to keep me entertained so I wouldn't have to go, I did nothing that evening. Mr. H and I looked at cars til about 6, then went home looked at more cars on the net, then went to the bookstore to browse around. What ever happened to going out to have drinks?

When I got to LD's house, there were bags of baby stuff everywhere. She even called me into her room to look at her new bassinet. Hold on to your seats, the excitement continues! I saw onesies, a baby carrier, a doggie hamper, nipples, bottles, nipple brushes, a swaddler, socks, towels, bibs all in shades of boy.
Speaking of boys...I found this little guy hanging out by the boys' fountain the other day. So tough, yet harmless. As soon as I saw him, I thought of Cooper and Brayden- Mrs. Muelly's boys. Bugs, spiders and insects remind her of them too.

On a brighter note, it is raining here. It hasn't rained in a few weeks, so I'm pretty excited. It is thundering, lightning, and the wind is howling. I love when it rains. I just want to lay in bed, open the windows and fall asleep. I just may do that...Good night.

What did y'all do this weekend?


Travelwahine said...

It does sound like you made some progress, at least you know what you're looking for now. Heck, I get excited over shopping for a new dishwasher. So, I'm thinking a car, yeah it's exciting.

There are some people that are relentless. I think they are so selfish, they just can't see beyond themselves. I have a friend, or rather coworker who will go on and on about her baby being sick, fussy, nursing to much. He was born, 1 month before my Ethan was born still. I try to change the subject but no she's right there just talking away. It's not as bad now, I can tolerate more baby talk. But, right after Ethan died, she would talk about how much milk she was producing, and I was lactating as well but not for a living baby. It stings sometimes a little more than others.

Virginia said...

Mmm, my weekend....welcomed my hubby back from India, planted a tree, taught preschool church on Sunday, tried to catch up on stuff around the house.... Most definitely boring.

Sorry about LD's mom. Some people just won't ever get it.

Anonymous said...

good luck on the car search, your right-it can be fun but tiring. i LOVE the bookstore too. i can't tell you how many times i've gone. i think i'm a nerd.
hey email me your mailing address, so that i can send something clever to your grandma - she's so brave.

The Nanny said...

D. told me it was storming there...SO JEALOUS! I love a good fall storm. Here, it's just plain COLD! I wore a thick peacoat out last night & was freezing.

P.S. I hate car shopping too. Howsabout this: you can drive Damien the wild stallion until I get back! You don't mind a smelly old 1994 Volvo with 361,000 miles on him, do you? ;-)

Coggy said...

I love storms too and love lying in bed listening to them even more.

My weekend was spent planting some trees in the garden. Well more like supervising the planting of trees.

I hope you get your new car soon. These things take up so much effort. I hope that you get taken out for drinks very soon, if not take yourself out. You deserve it!

Monica H said...

Travelwahine- I'd get excited over dishwasher shopping too!

Virginia- Now that's something to blog about. And no they don't get it.

The View- We have been going to the bookstore (B&N) since we started dating (almost 10 years ago). We go look around- he goes to the magazines or automotive section, I go to the cookbook aisle. Then we get a coffee and go home. It's a cheap way to spend an evening :-)

Nanny-But it's still hot here. I'm jealous of your cold. That's a ton of miles!!!

Coggy- At least you supervised, planting a tree is a lot of work. Wanna meet for virtual drinks?

mrsmuelly said...

awww. What a beautiful catepillar! It just proves that our boys play together. That makes me feel better some days.

Oh, and for looking at all the baby stuff- I don't know how you do it and still remain same. You are a brave and amazing woman.