Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh What A Night

I am officially car less. We released my car tonight to the insurance company. In return, they'll be sending us a check.

We got an estimate for the damages and it was going to cost us about $11, 000 to fix it. The catch is, if we chose to fix it, they were only going to give us $3500, if we let them total it, $5000. That's not much, but it's something. And that can go into something newer and safer. We're thinking about our future and the safety of our children (because there WILL BE children) so we'll move on.

It was kind of emotional, I do have to say. Saying good bye, and removing our belongings. I know it was just a car, but there were a lot of emotions attached to it. It was my first car, my only car, it was paid off, it was my baby and it's life wasn't quite done. But I have to think that there are bigger and better things for us.

We went to the wrecker yard, and removed the floor mats, the steering wheel cover, the after market K&N air filter, the sub woofer and double checked that our belongings were cleared out. It was hard leaving it. I know you are all probably rolling your eyes at me now, but it's just one more loss to add to my list. Something gone before it's time.

So afterwards we went to IHOP for a late dinner. We were upset and decided we needed pancakes to cure our ails. I had pumpkin pancakes- mmm. And guess what? As we were leaving, I saw a familiar face. A face that was trying to pretend she didn't see us. A face that looked down and slightly away from us. A face I had not seen in a very long while. Uh huh, you guessed it... his ex!

Mr. H said he saw her when we got up from our table and she saw him, but immediately turned away and avoided eye contact. As soon as I saw her, I turned to him and just stared at him trying to figure out if he saw her too. He did. It was kind of weird seeing her. As we got in the car (he opened the door for me just to show off, because I'm sure that made her jealous *) the guy she was with was looking out the window. We were parked right in front of the window of the booth they were sitting at, so I know they saw us.

I think of her every once in a while. Not because I want to, but because it just happens. I'm sure that's my punishment for "stealing" away her boyfriend 9 1/2 years ago. I wonder if she ever thinks of us. I'm sure she had no idea we'd actually make it. I'm sure she probably wished bad things upon us. I'm sure she still wishes us these things. The thing is, I never meant to hurt her. And I'm sorry if I did. I know it's been almost 10 years, but it was a major happening in our lives and things changed drastically for her too.

I think Mr. H and I were/are meant to be together. You can't chose who your soul mate is, or how you find them, it just happens. But all these years later, I still feel badly. I do hope that she finds her perfect mate as well. I know she thought that person was Mr. H, but something bigger and better will come along for her too.

Oh, and we went to the orthopedic specialist today. We start physical therapy next Tuesday for whiplash. And my neck has been killing me all day. I took pain meds and I am feeling a little loopy and sick to my stomach. Well, actually a lot loopy. She also prescribed us an anti-inflammatory, so hopefully that'll help some.

* Mr. H never opens my door. And just because I wrote that, he'll say "Honey, yes I do", and start feeling bad because he thinks I think he's un-gentleman like. But between you and me, he doesn't. And that's okay. He does MANY other things for me that I often take for granted. So honey, if you're reading (and I know you are) I love you and thank you for being so good to me. And if we ever see your ex girlfriend in public again, please promise me you'll open my door for me without me asking :-)

Here is our first and last picture of us in my car. I'm not sure why, but we don't have any pictures of it besides the ones I took the other day and when it snowed here in 2005. So we are (sin make-up) with our lovely lady- Perla.


Anonymous said...

LOL, nice pics, i love the pic of you crosslegged in the back. funny, i never would have thought of taking a last photo, but glad you did.
hmmm, if you really 'stole' him away i hate to break it to the ex, but she never had him.
i hope i walk out of my local IHOP one of these days and bump into you, but you better not make beleive you didn't see me!!! LOL

Jaded Girl said...
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Anonymous said...

awww, were you teary-eyed?


i can understand all the sentiments attached to a car.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the car.Just keep thinking fresh start for those future babies.And after 9 years she cant get over it she has issues...lol

Monica H said...

The View- I would never pretend I didn't see you in IHOP. And yes I was a little teary towards the end :-(

Ty Family- She does have issues. Did I tell you she used to live next door to him? Her grandmother still lives next door to his parents. So every once in a while when we're over there, we'll see her car, or she'll wave to Mr. H if I'm not there.

Molly said...

I can totally relate to saying goodbye to a loved car. I had so many experiences with my blue 1990 Corolla - college, cross country moving w/ a trailer, puking all over the door when I was in labor...it was a good little car. And we took pictures, too, before donating it!