Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pain In The Neck

A couple of you have emailed or called to see how we are, so thank you.

It's been pretty quiet around here. We went to the wrecker yard on Tuesday to look at the car and take pictures. In some ways it didn't seem as bad as I remembered, but in others it seems worse.

In this picture, the bumper is bent, the front guard is cracked, the hood was shoved up and over about 4 inches and it doesn't open. The light assembly on the passenger side is shattered and the metal around it is in shreds. It's amazing how something so tough (metal) can just disintegrate in a matter of moments. The damage doesn't look so bad, but there is slight frame damage and that's where the big bucks come in.

Also the air bags deployed and that jacks up the estimate by about $2000. The driver door only opens about a foot because the whole front was shoved over- ugh.

Moving on, we went to the ER Monday (minor emergency) to get checked out. We went there rather than to our regular docs because we both wanted to get checked out by the same person. He gave us muscle relaxants and pain meds. I was hoping I wouldn't need them, but my neck and lower back have been killing me. The right side of my neck more than anything. Mr. H is having trouble sleeping and is more anxious than ever- thanks universe for fucking us over once again. I do realize it could be so much worse, but why??? It's so frustrating.

We are going to see a chiropractor tomorrow afternoon. We'll see what he has to say. Aaron has been having back pain as well. He missed a half day of school on Monday and half a day today. Monday he went to see his pediatrician (which he claims to be too old for) and today he went to see an orthopedic specialist. He has recommended physical therapy for two weeks, then he'll be re-evaluated. The doctor did extensive 360-degree x-rays and thinks he might have a slight fracture in one of his discs (which is apparently a common occurrence in auto accidents). This stinks.

Good news- the lawyer friend of my in-laws is on board. He has already contacted the insurance company and sent them a letter telling them he was representing us and to back off. They have. He also told us that most likely the cost to repair the vehicle will not be disputed. Yay us! We're not in this for the money, but it doesn't hurt either. I don't know how people go around getting in intentional wrecks and pretending to be hurt just to get reimbursed for their "pain and suffering". This is tough work. I guess everyone's gotta make a living- only some chose to do it honestly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

My grandma is walking this weekend in the K.omen Race for the Cure along with my aunt and grandfather. I am so proud of her, I wish I was going to be there with her. I'd hold her hand and cry with her every step of the way. Oh, I love her. The walk here is the first of November, and I'm hoping to go. BTW, she melted a toaster on the stove the other day. There's a melty gaping hole in the bottom of it...lol. Just another reason why I love her :-)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

More good news- LD's mom hasn't said anything about rescheduling the baby shower. And I wanted to ask, but I figured if she did change the date she would have said something. Her mother and friend from V.enezuela and S.pain are coming int his weekend. Her mom is staying til January. Yeah you read that right, over 3 months, and her friend for 2 weeks. And she still wants me to be there on my normal days so she can go "shopping". In fact she asked me to work an extra day next week since I took a day off this week. Again, so she can go shopping. Whatever.

One more thing, I don't know why I go into the nursery. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment. And I opened the new dresser expecting it to be empty. It wasn't. It was full of newborn onesies, bibs, socks, gowns and hats. I just wanted to take them all out of the drawer and smell them. I wanted to touch them all and rub them against my cheek. Why do I go in there?

Time to log off, the pain meds are kicking in...wee!


The Nanny said...

I'm so sorry you're having to go through all of this. Universe? Monica & co. need a break. Okay? Okay.

I do hope that you, Mr. H and Aaron start feeling better soon. Yay for pain meds, but I know they can only do so much. Hope Mr. H's anxiety resides soon too.

And in regards to LD's mom--she is starting to sound frighteningly familiar to a certain, uh, former employer of mine...*coughcough*MRS.R.*coughcough*

The Nanny said...

***meant frighteningly SIMILAR. That's what I get for posting comments on 3 hours of sleep.

Coggy said...

The universe sucks beyond all belief Monica. I'm not sure why it piles things one on top of the other like this.
I hope you all get better soon and that there is no long lasting effects on either of you physically or emotionally. I think it is normal for Mr. H to feel the way he does right now. I hope it doesn't last long for you both.

As for the nursery. I don't know how you went in there. I just would be in a mess if I did. Maybe it's torturing yourself, or maybe it's you showing yourself that you can cope with these things.

Kristi said...

I hope you all feel better soon!

Just wanted to clarify - you wrote that "the cost to repair the vehicle will not be disputed. Yay us! " I thought it was totalled/not worth the repair. Is the insurance co. going to fix it or give you the $4500 mentioned earlier? Or something else?

I'm not sure why you went into the nursery. I used to do that with Sara's things - look at the little girly dresses she'll never wear, touch the ruffles and I'd cry. I can stil see her clothes, packed in a clear container under the guest bed. It still makes me sad. You know how much you can handle. Crying isn't a sign of weakness. You miss Sam & Jack.

Monica H said...

Kristi- They want to total it. Everyone we have spoken to says it will be totalled, but they can't release the car until we sign the release papers. So it's just sitting there. Our lawyer had a meeting with thier insurance rep and he told us that more than likely the charges to fix it would not be disputed. So, I don't know if they're going to apply the full amount it's going to cost to fix it, or if we'll just put that into a newer car. We haven't heard from our lawyer or any insurance companies in the last couple days. The insurance rep (F.armer's) was supposed to do an estimate on it on Tuesday and he never showed up.

Kristi said...

I hope it all gets worked out, it's so frustrating to be without a car/dealing the insurance companies, not to mention the physical pain you're in.

Hennifer said...

Oh Monica! I am so sorry for all this car stuff. I was rear ended at the end of May, almost no damage to my car but I hit my head on the roof and I am still not back to normal. Sorry, I didn't mean that to be discouraging but more as a "glad you are seeing someone besides a medical dr, glad you have a lawywer and please, please, please realize that after the initial shock and everything wears off you will really need to evaluate where you are compared to "normal""

Best of luck! Sorry about Aaron as well.

Heidi said...

When I first moved to Austin, I had a wreck on 2244 from someone making an uprotected turn (now I slow down through unprotected turns). I drove a little Mazda Protege. The actual damage was minimal, but the airbags deployed and cracked the windshield and then during transport to the body shop, shatter it, so it actually wound up costing about $5,000 to fix. The airbags hurt...and cause whiplash. I used to think whiplash was a hoax, but it is true pain. I had a collar to wear after my wreck that helped immensely with the neck pain. Guess it forces your neck to be stretched.

Glad you all are okay and hope your doctors are able to give you all some relief soon.

Rachel said...

I think I know why you go in there. You want those things to belong in your house.

Are you planning to keep working for her after the baby arrives?

I am sorry you are still in pain, I hope you get some relief this weekend.

Monica H said...

Rachel- You're right, I do want those things in my house. And I go in there because it's right across from LD's room and the room is always open, which means he always want to go in there and jump on the bed or play with the stuffed animals he sees on the bed. I know I could just close the door, but the room is constantly changing. Handmade draperies and bedding, new bed and dresser, a new striped rug, a stamped lampshade etc. The nursery theme is puppies, so she stamped puppy paws climbing up the wall. It really is cute, but I walk in there hoping she'll do something I hate so I can make fun of it. A defense mechanism, I guess. But I feel so sad every time I go in there. I do miss my boys. So much.

mrsmuelly said...

Wow about the car! I'm glad your lawyer friend is helping.

I understand wanting the smell the clothes. I don't know why we do it though...it's almost like a punishment. It's sad, but gives us hope at the same time.

theviewfromthisplace said...

damn, what a number on that car! but at least you guys made it out without serious injury. good for you, do go to the doctor and get yourselves checked out. so sorry about the pain be very vigilant about backpain!

check your grandmother out! how proud are you?