Monday, September 29, 2008

Shitty Day

I had kind of a shitty day. I really tried for it not to be, but it was.

I tried to register for the Race for the Cure in November, but I didn't realize it costs to walk. I'm sure this is customary for all races, 5K's, 10K's, marathons etc. to charge an entry fee, but you can tell from the size of my hips this is not something I do on a regular basis. The only other thing I've done was the March Of Dimes (last year) and they didn't charge per person to walk and show support.

My grandma was excited when I told her we were thinking about walking for her. She just completed her race this weekend. My Grandma wanted my mother and aunt to participate as well, but if we all walk (like she wants) we'll have to come up with over $210 just to enter. That doesn't include any fundraising. I was reading the registration info and it says that 75% goes back into cancer research, and the other amount goes towards bottled water, snacks, and "free" t-shirts. This kind of irritates me.

I asked my aunt (the one who walked with my grandparents) about it, knowing full well she'd make me feel like a cheap-ass for not wanting to fork over $60 TO WALK. She works at a breast center, so they all walked together. I thought maybe she got a deal from her job, and that's how they afforded to walk. Come to find out, they got a senior citizen discount (half off). My aunt's reply was something like this "Do what you need to do...your grandma has done so much for you...priorities, blah blah blah" I asked my other aunt (the one who lives here) and my mom if they'd walk with me. My aunt said she's participating in a diabetes walk instead and my mom is going out of town. So it looks like I am the one feeling guilty and I am the only one trying to make this work. Bull shit.

Today was the first day I met LD's grandmother. I thought she'd be really sweet and caring and grandma like. She half ass shook my hand and never looked at me again the rest of the day. She doesn't speak English, so maybe that's her excuse or maybe I'm not good enough to take care of her grandson. Whateva. LD's mom asked me to stay late today since I took off last Monday. She, her friend and her mom went shopping for 5 hours at BRU. They showed up exactly at 6 to pick LD so they can continue running errands. It was a lonely day. I felt like hired help.

And their dumb ass, bottomless pit of a dog ate my lunch. Little Dude was sleeping, so I sat down to eat my oh-so-good-freshly-made sandwich. I took 3 bites before he woke up. His new trick is to climb out of his crib and knock on the door for you to come get him. I rushed over to him and left my sandwich behind. As soon as I started to change his diaper, I heard my plate hit the floor. I put LD back in his crib, ran to save my sandwich only to find there was only a slice of oat-nut bread and lettuce left on the floor. I yelled at the dog (called him a few names) and went back to get LD. He was standing in his crib with his diaper off and he took the sheet off his mattress. He has also learned to open the security gate by pulling at the bottom corner. I tightened it as much as I could, but he still got out 4 TIMES today. Ugh.

My back and neck were hurting and I almost called Mr. H to bring me some pain pills, but I didn't want to fall asleep on the job, so I didn't call. I didn't have any Tylenol or ibuprofen to take either, so I just had a slice of pumpkin pie in attempts to make things better. It kind of helped.

Mr. H called me halfway through my day. It was nice to hear his voice. He only had bad news. We have to return the rental car, because their insurance isn't going to pay for it anymore ($40/day). They have decided that our car isn't worth fixing and because they are closing the claim and writing us a check they are no longer obligated to pay for the rental. Although I still don't have my car back. They are willing to pay us retail value of the car (about $6500 as opposed to $4500). If we keep the car to fix it, they will give us this amount less the salvage value (about $1200). If we decide to let them keep it (total it) they'll give us the retail value plus the salvage value. The salvage value is the amount the salvage yard will part the car for, which basically means they'll take it apart and sell all the pieces. How sad.

We're going tomorrow to get the results of the x-rays taken at the chiropractor's office last Friday. Next Tuesday we will be going to get a second opinion at the orthopedic specialists office.

Today sucked big donkey dick. How was your day? Got any good news?


tyfamilyadventures said...

It was a Monday that says it all.Sorry you had a crappy day.Hope you feel better soon.As for the wine thats ok I haven't had a glass in so long but I figure the year I've had one is well needed.How about we go and get pampered instead?

Kristi said...

I'm sorry it was a shitty day.

I'm just sad, missing my Sara.

Antigone said...

Have more pie. I promise it'll help.

The Nanny said...

I second Antigone. More pie. Can I send you some yummy fudge?

Kristi said...

oh yeah I wanted to ask - did LD's mom ask you to stay late on Monday, on the same day or did she ask in advance? If she asked in advance, it's OK. But if she asked the same day, I'd put a stop to that. She should give you notice if she expects you to stay late.

Monica H said...

Ty Family- YES!!!

Kristi- I miss Sara too.

Antigone- Thanks for the prescription, I will follow direct orders.

Nanny- Do you evenhave to ask? Um, yeah!!!

Kristi- We talked about it on Thursday when I was leaving. She asked if I could either come in an extra day (boo!) or stay late. I told her I preferred to stay late, but it all depended on when she needed me (ie: depending on when she wanted to go shopping). So yesterday she asked if I could stay an extra hour, so I did. I'll be doing the same for the rest of the week :-(

christyna said...

OH! I always say things suck big donkey dick!! sorry about your bad day dear. here's a BIG BIG hug just for you!!

I saw the Dr yesterday and didn't get yelled at for anything. in fact I was told "i was the perfect model pregnant woman" (a lil much I think) but it made me feel SO much better after the last two appts. he still has man junk, so its 110% a boy. and we scheduled the c-section...yikes. was that the kind of good news you were hoping for??

as far as the walk, get people to "donate" your fees. if the $ goes for extra stuff anyway, why fork it out AND get donations?? My breast cancer team donates $20 each minimum...the rest we swindle.

Kristi said...

I had a frozen meal for lunch (don't be jealous), but any way, they were advertising lunch bags for $10, with $5 going towards the Ko.men fund. If you can't do the walk, you could always buy something that contributes funds to breast cancer research.

I've done the R@ce fOr the cure alone. It is so inspiring, I was tearing up. If I lived closer, I'd walk with you!

Rachel said...

The fees are pretty customary for races even if you are walking, but $60 is really high. There are 3 races within an hour of here and they are only $25. I guess the local organizers set the fees.

Usually marathons and triathlons have higher fees due to the cost of water, food, closing down the roads, extra police, etc. I have never seen a 5k or 10k for more than $30 in my area.

I hope you find a new car soon.

Travelwahine said...

Sorry you had a bad day. I agree with Antigone. Have some pie, refined sugar always helps :)


Monica H said...

Chrystina- That is good news!

Kristi- That is a good idea. I have already donated to American Cancer Society and I am also donating to The Breast Cancer Society in her name. I am sending in Yoplait yogurt lids (everything helps) and buying products that benefit breast cancer research.

Rachel- I meant $60 for both Mr. H and I. Sorry for the confusion. That still seems like a lot though.

Travelwahine- I had a bite of pie today (a sample from Costco), does that count?

theviewfromthisplace said...

i'm so sorry you had such a crappy day.