Monday, September 24, 2007

Bunny's New Name

Hazel is the official leader in the poll with a majority vote of 50%. Thank you all for voting on his name. However Mr. H did not approve. He said it was a girl name and it was inappropriate. I kinda agree. I love the name, but since we found out he really IS a boy (I saw his stuff), it doesn't really fit. He likes the name August, and so do I so that is what we will call him. Sorry Lori! We chose the name August because it is a special and bittersweet month for us. This is the month our whole lives changed. It's the month our hearts were shattered and grew back even bigger. It's the month Sam was born in. It's the month Jack was supposed to be born. It's the month we got our bunny. Maybe the month of August doesn't always have to be associated with heartache anymore. We can now think of the month as a new beginning, of love and a new life for our bunny named August.


The Nanny said...

Here's to many happy August memories (both about the bunny and during the month) to come!

The Nanny said...

p.s. Thanks for adding me to your blog list! :-)

Love, Nanny

Kristi said...

The month of August will be bittersweet for you, I understand - the highest of highs, the lowest of lows.

Thinking of you!


Lori said...

Well, at least I won the poll!!! You just let Sam know that Hazel was a male rabbit!

I like the name August. And it goes with Autumn! Now, if you want to get another bunny, you'll have to wait and buy and older one....you could end up with more furry "children" than you really want!

Monica said...

When did he grow, "stuff"? I'm so disappointed I didn't get to see it. August is a cool name. You can dress it up (Augustine) or down (Augie). How does Autumn like the name? Just wondering, 'cause dogs do have opinions on that stuff.

Did I ever tell you that rabbits and penguins are my two favorite animals? And lemurs too, especially Ring-tailed lemurs. For Christmas one year I adopted one from the Houston Zoo for Matthew. That was when we lived in Houston. And no, you don't get to take the lemur out of the zoo, you just get an adoption paper. And it's only good for a year, so technically he's someone else's lemur now. I named him Helmuth. Don't know why. Anyhoo, that's enough random stuff for a night. PS, my Land's End robe came. NICE!!! PS, the word verification is "Zitkul".. now that's a cool name.

Monica H said...

Lori, I once knew a nice old lady named Hazel. She was so sweet, so it's hard to look at bunny and see a manly man. I see a little old lady instead.

Monica, Did Matthew like the lemur? What does it cost to adopt a lemur? I bet the zoo adopts the same lemur out to dozens of people every year and you don't even know it. What an odd concept :}

Which robe and gown and slippers did you get? I want a new robe. I have at least 6 robes because I love them so much.

Monica H said...

Oh, BTW he always had "stuff", you just have to pull back fur to see it. It takes two people to look. One person to hold him because they don't like to be on their backs and the other to do the investigating (it's minuscule). His testicles haven't come down yet, but when they do I'll give you a call. I feel like such a perv over this comment.

Monica said...

GASP! You don't think the zoo would do that would you? I doubt that they adopted out the lemur because the lady at the gift store seemed really shocked I wanted to adopt a lemur. She said most people adopted the white tiger. Oh, and they give you an 8x11 glossy of the animal you adopt. But yeah, I guess it is possible that someone else adopted him too. But Helmuth knew who his real daddy was! The robe I got was very light, called the "sleep T robe". I don't like very heavy robes. They make me sweat and give me TDF!!!! (total deodorant failure). The color is a blue. I lied about ordering slippers there. I ordered them at this other site that sells robes (and obviously slippers too). The robe came but not the slippers. The slippers are like flip flops but with a wedge heel and covered in terry cloth. And they are blue too! And I'm getting my toes done blue. And you already know about my blue eyeshadow and mascara. Ridiculo!! I know!!

ms. G said...

I like the name August! Just wanted to pop over and tell you thanks for letting me know about your address change.