Friday, September 14, 2007

LL Bean Wishlist :)

Monica and I are lovers of all things LL Bean. I don't like to spend a lot of money on clothing, and I don't like trendy, overpriced, uncomfortable attire either. That is why I rely on the quality and homey comfort that Leon Leonwood Bean has to offer. This whole thing started because Monica said she wanted a red pea coat from Bean and I happen to own and love that coat :) We've been back and forth talking about our mental wish lists and she sent me hers, so here is mine as well.

My List:

p.12- Fleece Pullover in "Purple Lotus"
p.74- Slippers in "Cayenne/Clear Blue"
p.102- Adirondack Coat in "Claret Red"
p.156- Town and Field Bags in "Tweed"
p.217- Corduroy Coat in "Bramble Berry"
p.220- Mary Janes in "Deep Coffee"
p.229- Supima Cotton Robe in "Larkspur"
p.243- Zip Front Cardigan in "Deep Red"
p.244- Quarter Zip Pullover in "Evening Blue" and Pants in "Black"
(I have a set of their fleece lounge wear and it is so comfy)
p. 249- Cotton Big Shirt in "Black Currant" or "Spruce"
p.277- Cashmere V-Neck in "Saltwater Blue"

Her List:
Monica (A Pregnancy After A Stillbirth) said...
My catalog came too.

p. 17-Chamois shirt in "cayenne"
p.87 Comfort mocs in "cranberry"
p.107 Fleece jacket in "periwinkle"
p. 170 Fleece blanket in "celadon"
p.213 Pea coat in "vintage red"
p. 249 Shirt in "saltwater blue"
p. 259 Corduroy shirt in "silver blue"
p.265 Flannel shirt in "thistle"
p. 267 Oxford shirt in "lake stripe"
p. 276 Cashmere turtle in "lake"
p. 278 Turtle in "pale violet"

OK, that's my list. All I really want is the pea coat. What's your list? _______________________________________________

**If you have the LL Bean Christmas catalog feel free to make your wish list, then all we have to do is send our husbands to this blog site :)

Happy Dreaming!


Monica said...

There are so many things I LOVE on your list. For example, I'm adding the packable slippers to my list. I love the Town and Field Bags and the Mary Jane shoes are too cute! I love the red zip up cable sweater. I'd love to have a cashmere sweater but every time I go to order one I hear my mom's voice,.."you'll never take care of it". I like all the cool color clothes you picked out too as well. I'm just itching to buy something but I think I'll wait until the middle of Oct. for the first "cool front" to come. Just wondering.. did you happen to get the Land's End catalog with the purple cashmere sweaters on the front? It's got some nice stuff too. You know we are going to be the only people who post to this thread right? And why am I up at 2:30 AM looking at catalogs?

Kristi said...

Ok I'll play -
p. 144 Adventure Duffle - sky blue for a larger family size or pink aloha just the small 'Kristi' size.

p.216 Quilted Riding Jacket - Navy

p. 219 - Wellies - Bobcat

p. 228 - Fleece robe - larkspur

p. 237 - Corduroy jacket - Camel
( I already have a similar jacket from dillard's)

p. 257 lightweight cashmere crewneck sweater - Green Tea

p. 266 - Crewneck sweater - green tea heather

p. 271 - Oxford - French blue

p. 278 - long-sleeved crewneck larkspur & carnation

Monica H said...

Yay! Thanks for playing. It's kinda fun. It's almost like making a wedding registry at your favorite store :)

Monica said...

ooohhh.. I like your stuff too Kristi! I love the riding jacket and I so want that robe in the SAME color!

I have a confession. I ordered some stuff but from the Lands End catalog. I ordered a light blue down vest and a ton of scarves and hats (they were on sale). I still want to get that pea coat from LL Bean. Wouldn't it be just great to wear on a crisp day in late December on a stroll with my tall decaf latte? Can I come smell your jacket Monica?

Monica H said...

I'm surprised you didn't sniff it when you were here. I better check my closet to see if it's stillin there... Do you want the peacoat (shorter length/double breasted) or the polo coat? I have the polo coat. It's longer and keeps your butt warm. But both are nice!

Monica H said...

Actually you are welcome to come over and look at mine before you order yours if you want to :)

Monica H said...

Kristi, I have that riding jacket. It is just the right weight for cool afternoons. Mine is black with pink multicolored stripes on the inside.

Kristi said...

How can you order winter stuff already? It's still 90 degrees out! The thought of putting on a sweater makes me itch.

I saw a cute green puffy vest at Cost.co this weekend. (Kenne.th Col.e) It was very cute, but it was too hot to even consider. I'm sure it'll be gone the next time I'm there.

Monica said...

I want the pea coat, but the polo coat is nice too.

Monica H said...

I have to admit, I went to Land's End and stocked up. They are having a huge sale and between Sam and I we spent $300. I can't wait for my stuff to come in. I got boots for $17. That's amazing!

Monica said...

ok, that's it. We are officially twins separated by a few years. I went to Land's End a few days ago and ordered stuff!!! And mine came. I got a light blue down vest, two turtlenecks (lilac and deep purple) and two scarves. Oh, and some gloves that didn't fit (yet they are one size). I nearly tore them, though it was good OJ re-enactment. So I gave them away.

Monica H said...

I got hats and scarves because they were SO cheap ($5-$7) and 2 pairs of cropped pants, a few cotton shirts, a corduroy over shirt and a pair of boots. Sam got a couple turtle necks, a pair of linen shorts, a pullover. Everything came in yesterday and it was like Christmas in September.