Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tamale Party

Every once in a while when my Grandma visits everyone will gather around and make tamales. We've been doing it for several years but usually my grandma does all the work. My Mom had to have jaw surgery and my Grandma is visiting so she can take care of her so we decided to make tamales. The ones on the right I made plus about 3 more dozen. They're so time consuming but worth it. If you don't know what tamales are, they are corn masa (dough) filled with pork, or beans, or other meats and wrapped up in a corn husk then steamed. Fantastic! That's all I really know how to explain them. And my Grandma's are the best I have ever had.

We made about 21 dozen so far and we still have more to do. Did I mention they are time consuming?

Here is my aunt, grandma, and Mr. H making tamales. While my mother is watching TV pretending to work. She just had surgery so we'll let it slide.

A man in the kitchen is so SEXY!


Kristi said...

I love tamales!! how fun! I'd like to make some one day.

I love the Emily Dickinson poem - so beautiful.

Monica said...

I love tamaladas!!! Although with my mom's family sometimes it can turn into a fight about how much meat to spoon onto the masa and who has the best technique, or who didn't soak the ojas long enough. Let's just say that when los Perez have a tamalada, APD has been known to arrive to keep the peace. But oh how good they are!!! BTW.. it's 5AM and I'm up and I've been up since 3:30 AM.

Lori said...

Well, if you need any help eating those, give me a ring! LOL!!!

I love the pic of you and Sam from you're wedding....beautiful!!!

ms. G said...

This is so crazy that you posted this, because I have been thinking of trying my hand at making these. Every so often, I like to take on a new cooking project, to see if I can make something I view as "a lot of trouble".

My hubby is a veggie, so mine will be no meat though. I love the pictures, they are inspiring me!