Friday, September 7, 2007

It's just a figure of speech...

My little brother (Aaron-12 years old) is staying the weekend with us and he cracks me up. He is currently in the garage helping Mr. H do man stuff (getting sweaty). Aaron came inside to get a box fan and a towel. Here was our conversation:

A: Hey Nana, Mr. H needs a fan and his white towel!

M: Why?

A: Because he's sweating like a dog and it's hot in the attic!

M: Ha!Ha! Aaron, you know dogs don't really sweat right?

A: It's just a figure of speech...

M: Ha!Ha! (still laughing)

A: Grow up Nana!

I had my 12 year old brother tell me to grow up. I think that's funny. He makes me laugh, little twerp (sp?). It also makes me think of the time I made him some homemade cookies (people in my family aren't much into baking), he said, "I like your cookies better, because they're made with warmth and love and the others (store bought) are made by cold, heartless machines". Where does he get this stuff? It makes me laugh just typing it. What a goofball, but I love him. Now, I'm going to go make him some homemade cookies and wait for something funny to blurt out of his mouth. He's a growing boy, he'll appreciate them.


Monica said...

"made by cold heartless machines"...LOL!!! What a funny kiddo.

But I like the oreos that come out of that heartless machine.

Do you have a name for bunny yet?

Monica H said...

I like those oreos too, and still no name :( we don't really even talk about it either. It bothers me and I am aware he still doesn't have a name, but he will soon.

Kristi said...

He calls you Nana? I was confused. Cute kid!!

Have y'all seen the commercial for the new Oreo Cakesters? At the bottom of the screen, it says " Found in the Oreo Aisle" Like there's an entire aisle devoted to Oreos...A girl can dream.

Chips Ahoy ARE made from heartless machines - too dry for me!

Monica H said...

Yeas, he calls me Nana. And what's funny is that he was referring to c.hips ahoy when he said they were made by cold heartless machines. Ha!

Can you imagune an aisle full of oreos? I once had a friend named O'Ree.

Monica H said...

Aaron said the other day that playing video games was good for him because he was practicing "Hand I Codnation". He cracks me up.