Monday, October 8, 2007

I Need Help.

I have narrowed my search down to 3 women and I need your help. All take my insurance and have been recommended by other doctors, nurses and friends of mine. They all work with high risk pregnancies which I will need once I get there. We will start trying again in January but for now I need to figure out why I haven't had a period in 3 months. I have no clue what kind of questions to ask these people. Should I call, email or visit them in person to ask the questions? What does one look for when making such a huge decision? I didn't really choose my other doctors, they just sort of fell into place. When I was pregnant with Sam, I made an appointment with a man who my family doctor recommended. He was great, but with Jack I switched to the doctor that was on call Sam when he died. I like her, but she is not qualified to treat me. I had to figure that out the hard way. Anyway, this is a huge thing for me because I want to get it right. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to look for or ask these future doctors. I'm stressing out about it and can't manage to figure it out on my own. If anyone wants the websites to these women's practices in order to make an educated decision, just email me and I'll send them over to you. Thanks!

While I'm asking for help, does anyone on blog spot know how to highlight and link to something in your post. Example: I'm looking for a doctor. Only the word "doctor" would be highlighted and underlined and when you click on it, it would take you to another website. I don't know what this called and I feel dumb for asking, but I have tried to figure it out and can't seem to get it. I know how to create a link on this blog to connect to other blogs and such, but I don't know how to incorporate it while I'm writing an entry. Thanks again!


Kristi said...

We just got back from our other support group - one question that was brought to ask as a referral is to ask another medical professional (Do you still talk to your nurse?) who they would refer their daughter to.

I'll check with them for other questions to ask - could you email your choices?

I'm so happy to hear that you'll be trying again.

Lori said...

Here's what I think you should do. You should call each doctor and ask if they will first do a consultation....free of course. Then, you can tell each your worries/concerns/health issues and then you can judge which you like best. If they are a good doctor, then they should be able to do this for you.

Monica H said...

Yes, I still talk to our nurse and she gave me a doctor rec, only she is not a high risk doc. But I called our perinatologist office and he recommended the same person. Sam was the one who wanted to fly all over the world getting other opinions, and finding the "right" doctor. However, if I have the surgery (basically a c-section) done, there will be recovery time, and I don't see myself doing that in a hotel away from my family and home. If I do get the TAC, I will get it done locally. It only makes sense to me. Besides I will have to be monitored during the pregnancy and it's best if the person doing the cerclage and the doctor maintaining the pregnancy are one in the same.

Kristi said...

I agree with Lori - I thought about it as I went to bed. DH & I meet w/my original OB/GYN when we got pregnant again to discuss our fears, what we expected in our care this time. She agreed with us, she & her office could do what we wanted, so we stayed with her. I know our situations are different & we have different needs to be met. But if the doctor dismisses your fears or simply refuses to meet your needs during a consultation, go on to the next one.

ms. G said...

I really like Lori's suggestion. I have found a meeting before you are in a "medical situation" to be pretty telling in terms of finding out if someone is right for you.

Good luck with this, Monica. I was so happy with my doc, but lately, her office is giving me big headaches.

Monica H said...

Okay, I called all three docs this morning to schedule a consult, one of them isn't available until Nov 26th !!! I did mention to her that I have not had a period in 3 months, and apparently waiting another 2 months is no big deal. The receptionist was rather rude, so that tells me a lot about her already. I called another and have an appt for this Thursday and the receptionist was a complete doll. She was so nice and said the doctor would set a side half an hour for me and stay longer if I needed it. The third, I couldn't even manage to get past the automated answering service to make an appointment. We'll see where this goes, but the doctor I am going to see Thursday afternoon, also practices alternative medicine which is kind of cool.

Thanks for all your suggestions so far :)

Monica H said...

Thanks Heidi for helping me with what I now know is the hyperlink :)

Monica said...


send me the links to the three OBs please! I think you should do what you have done and just call them up and schedule a consultation. Tell the receptionist your history and ask to make it a priority. Tell her you will even buy the doc a starbucks latte, that helped me bump up one of my pediatrician consults. And leave your phone number for the OB to call you. Perhaps she'll feel guilty about making you wait so long that she will call and then you can probably worm your way into getting a meeting.