Thursday, October 18, 2007

Miscellaneous Rambling

I learned today that my MIL's cousin and his wife were killed in Africa. They have been there for several years teaching at an American school. Their bodies were just discovered after being dead in their home over the weekend. The article says it was carbon monoxide asphyxiation, but others believe it was intentional. Their home in the US is in Tuscon, AZ where the funeral will be held this Sunday. Please keep their family in your prayers.

Mr. H came home with a bunch of goodies yesterday. He was helping his parents clean out their garage and brought home this huge toy chest his father made for him as a kiddo. It is still filled with a bunch of toys. I just opened the lid and found S.noopy, a bag full of fake groceries, a hard hat, some S.triderite shoes with jingle bells on them, etc. They are so cute. He is such a pack rat and won't throw anything away. And what's amazing is that most of his stuff is still at his parents house. It's nice to have that kind of stuff though. I don't have anything from my childhood. It was all sold at garage sales. We never saved anything. I do have a chest and a headboard my Dad bought me when I was little. That may have been the only thing he ever bought (although, I'm sure he bitched about it). He always thought that the $65 in child support for my brother and I was sufficient enough to support us. Cheap skate, I spend that on a haircut. Enough about him, I don't want this to turn into an angry post.

So I got my freakin'** period. I was excited to get it, because that just confirmed that I am not going through early menopause. I really thought I was. I had all the symptoms. Anyway, it sucks and I feel like crap. I am bloated and I feel like my hoo-ha is gonna fall out. It feels heavy. I know that's weird, but it does. All I can say is "thank God for elastic waisted pants." I have had yucky headaches and cramps and have to keep going to the bathroom. I feel like this is the first period after giving birth. I wonder how long it will last? Mine don't usually last very long (about 3-4 days), but I haven't had one in 3 months, so it may last a little longer. Not so excited about that, but at least I don't have to stress/worry about it anymore. On another note, I get to use the fertility monitor a friend let me borrow. I'm kinda excited about it. We're not going to start trying until January, but for now I have a new toy to pee on, I mean play with :)

I have spoken to another doctor and I will have an appointment with her as soon as she receives and looks over my medical records from my previous doc. This doctor came highly recommended from several people, so I called to schedule a consult only to find out she only sees pregnant people. She's not a gynecologist. That kinda sucks, because if I like her and I choose her as my OB, I will still have to find a gyno too. She suggested I go see a perinatologist before I go see her, but I already have, so I don't have to wait as long to see her. I hope I like her and she can help us bring home a baby. I'm keeping my fingers,toes, arms and legs crossed. I was just thinking today, if I had started taking the bc pills like the other quack suggested, I would have missed another period. I'm so glad I ignored her. I wrote her an email telling her that I was not going to reschedule with her because I didn't think we clicked and that I didn't appreciate her assuming I was her new patient when I made it specifically clear I was there for a consult. I wanted to know how she would treat me. I didn't expect her to send me home with a sample pack of Y.az and call in a prescription for me. Her nurse asked if there was anything they could have done better. All I said was that I appreciated their time, but that their practice was not for me. I keep getting tougher, woo-hoo! Although I am still passive, because I didn't do it while I was there, I waited to send her an email instead. I absolutely hate confrontations. I avoid them at all costs.

I went to the cemetery on Sunday to give Sam and Jack and all his friends little pumpkins. I ran out of pumpkins so I'll have to go back to take a few more to some other family and friends of ours. I feel like it's the least I can do to celebrate Autumn with them. Anyway, last year I bought Sam a mini snow globe with W.innie the P.ooh in it to take out to the cemetery. This year I pulled it out of his memory box to take back to the cemetery and I also bought a slightly different one to take to Jack. I set them aside while we were cleaning the headstones so they wouldn't get damaged and my brother went to go look at them and dropped Sam's and broke it. On the way to the cemetery I kept thinking that I could get them a new one every year and start them a collection. It would be like collecting baseball cards, only much cooler. Then he dropped it and broke it. I know it was an accident, but.... I wouldn't have minded if he broke Jacks, because I could have replaced that one. They still make those. But I can't replace the one I got Sam last year. It was only a couple dollars, but it was his and I am very attached to anything that belongs to him. The glass broke and the glitter and water are gone, but I was able to keep the base even though P.oohs leg got broken. I'll keep it in his memory box anyway. It's not a big deal, but it is.

Sorry for so much rambling and thanks for reading this long post.

**HA! I always spellcheck my posts before I publish them, and the spelling alternate for "freakin' " was " foreskin". You should try it.


The Nanny said...

In regard to your comment on my blog: oops, slip of the tongue! Yes, I'm from Texas :-) But I'm not going public with that lest my employers stumble across my blog somehome. I'm still hoping to be Generic Nanny from Anytown U.S.A.!

Your blog: I'm so, sorry about your MIL's cousin and his wife. That's truly tragic and I'm keeping your family in my thoughts.

The stuff Mr. H. brought home--keep it absolutely!!! What a cool thing it is to have that stuff from childhood (and some of that stuff will be worth a fortune some day) :-)

And wow--I would have had a few choice words to add to that e-mail you sent the other practice, but you were really kind & respectful. I really admire that!

I'm sorry about Sam's snowglobe. :-(

Okay, I think I've been rambling in this comment. It's practically turned into a post of its own, so I'll wrap up now!

Love, Nanny

Kristi said...

I'm proud of you for emailing that dr & telling her that you weren't her patient. We have to speak up for ourselves, what we need & expect from our doctors!

Thinking of you!

meg said...

Hi Monica,

I am trying to make the rounds of those bloggers who left me messages in the last couple of weeks. Thank you for your continued messages! And I'll be checking in with you too.