Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rx 4 Luv

Mr. H went to the u.rologist today. The doctor was very nice. He asked him to drop his drawers and made him cough. I always wondered if they actually did that and now I know for sure they do- tee hee! He said there is nothing anatomically wrong with him and there's nothing he can really do to solve his problem. He's had testicular pain (I'm sure he loves that I just told you all that :-) off and on for several months now. It's never severely painful, but it's a persistent "dull ache" so he wanted to get a second opinion. The doc said that he sees at least one patient a day with the same problem and there is no cure. They did an ultrasound a few months ago but didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. He suggested taking ibuprofen on a regular basis and going to physical therapy because he thinks it's muscular. How exactly would you work *that* muscle? This docs prescription for Mr. H: have more sex!

Here are some pics of the doctor's office that he visited in November. I would have more, but apparently I "embarrass" my husband when I start taking photos of drinking fountains while he's coughing for the weenie doctor.

Go-Go Dancer Cage!
Drinking Fountains (that coordinate with fabric below).
Bathroom door and lovely waiting room chairs.


Antigone said...

I'm picturing a miniature barbell. :-)

Monica H said...


Rachel said...

I'm sorry you don't have an answer for the pain, at least you have a fun solution.

The Nanny said...

Poor both of you, that kind of physical therapy sounds tough ;-)

Anonymous said...

have more sex well isn't that interesting ha ha ha. i love the cage dancing plants!
maybe buy his um junk a mini cage to dance in? thats great exercise I think :)

Monica said...

Ouch on the decor. Sorry bout' Sam's stuff. But glad to know everything's ok with tha family jewels.