Friday, January 2, 2009

Survivor Scrapbook & A Few Thank You's

Here is the Survivor scrapbook I made for my Grandmother. It was wrapped in breast cancer ribbon paper, and tied with a pink bow. She thought it was too pretty to open to she sat with it in her lap for a while before opening it :-) These aren't all the pages, but a good majority of them. I hope you like it. Now bad for my first attempt.

(Click on any picture below to enlarge)

A very special thank you to those of you who took the time to send a picture or note for my grandmother. She absolutely loved it and I can't thank you enough for your generosity.

Nanny - Thank you for your inspirational words and hopeful pink hearts.
Christyna - Thank you for the thoughtful card. So touching.
Niobe - Thank you for the hopeful photos of the candles.
Kristi - Thank you for the postcard, the "tatas" sticker and the photo of Ethan- so cute!
Jennifer -Thank you for the handmade drawing/card for my Grandma. And thank you to your son for lending his talent.
Erica - I know you had the best of intentions and that's all that matters. Thank you for thinking of my grandmother.
Reese- Thank you for the picture of the tulip and the poem. So beautiful.
Jaded- Thank you for the festive pink ribbon card for my grandmother. It was perfect.
Darla - Thank you for the lighthouse card and for the words of encouragement.

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As some of you have already noticed and commented on, I have updated some of the photos on this site for the new year. My friend, Lori, of Each Day Wiser, graciously took our photo for our holiday cards. She also took several others (about 140- total!) I have put a few of my favorites on here already, including the picture at the very bottom of the page.....go ahead, scroll down. I'll wait..... the photo of Mr. H and I to the right, the picture of Autumn, and the picture of the two empty chairs in the corn field, that symbolizes my boys, Sam and Jack.

Thank you Lori for your time, your effort and your great talent. We love the pictures and are so pleased you captured us all as a family.


The Nanny said...

The scrapbook is amazing and I'm so glad I was able to participate (albeit only a little) in something like that. I hope your grandmother enjoyed it!

And I love all the new pictures!

Rachel said...

It turned out really well. I am glad your grandmother liked it.

I love the new pictures!

mkv said...

You are incredibly talented, always thoughtful, and a truely amazing person. xoxo

Cindi said...

Monica...I am SO impressed with the scrapbook! I bet your grandma just loved it. You did a wonderful thing by creating that for her.

As a cancer survivor myself, I would LOVE for someone to have made something like that for me!

You are a very thoughtful, loving, caring granddaughter!

Kristi said...

You did a wonderful job on the scrapbook!

I love the photo of the two chairs - so symbolic.

mrsmuelly said...

What an amazing scrapbook. And what an amazing gift to your grandmother!

Lori said...

I am honored to be able to take your pictures. I'm glad that you like them....especially the ones of "the boys".

Hennifer said...

I'm glad she loved it! It looks amazing. What a lovely thought you executed on and look how it turned out.

I love the new pictures, i think the one of the 2 chairs is just breathtaking

jaded said...

wow! this is something special. i feel like i just got to know your family! i loved grandpa with the beer! I was like, "hey where's mine abuelo!?".
I also loved the one of your mom and grandma together in black and white, the look on your mom's face says it all - such a sweet photo. and ofcourse, i loved the one of you, your mom and grandma all laughing. this is great. what a beautiful and job well done. i'm sure your grandma was touched, especially after she resisted the urge to keep staring at the pretty box and decided to tear into it!
i'm glad i could contribute...

Brandy said...

That scrapbook is lovely and an extremely thoughtful gift.