Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spiffed Up & Sheltered

Autumn went to the professional groomers on Monday to get all spiffed up. We usually go it all ourselves but she was starting to look shabby and needed a trim. She got her ears cleaned, teeth brushed, feminine region shaved and sanitized, nails cut and hair trimmed. And when it was all said and done, she smelled like spice cake. By the end of the day, she was worn out.
August got a new toy. Since he likes to burrow under the towel, we got him an igloo to hide in. He seems to like it, but he still manages to mess up his towel. He likes to sit on top of it and look out. And yes, he is eating the towel even though he clearly has food right next to him. I tried to take the thread out of his mouth and he snapped at me.

Look at that sexy bunny. Playboy has got nothing on him!


The Nanny said...

Okay. You have the two cutest pets EVER. Autumn looks so pretty all dolled up! And I love that pic of August in the igloo--too cute!

meg said...

Autumn is so adorable. It's so funny how they get after the groomer. They really do get worn out by it. I'm not sure what that's about, maybe the bath part?

I like the igloo too. That's one lucky (and sweet) rabbit!

Monica said...

Autumn is so pretty! She'd surely win a contest if you entered her in one now. But where are all the dog beauty contests when you need one?

Lori said...

I cringe every time you put up a new bunny pic......Eric wants one so bad and I just know the "Look how cute the Holland's bunny is" will be coming soon!

And I love the pic of Autumn's paws. Too cute!!

Kristi said...

Agust is so cute in his igloo! Autumn is a doll!