Wednesday, November 28, 2007

HSG Update

I went to my appointment today and it was so much fun! I highly recommend everyone getting one, just so you can check it off your list of 1001 things to do before you die.

It actually wasn't too bad like Meg said in the comment section. I did have some slight cramping, but it didn't feel any different than a period. Dr. I gave me a prescription for antibiotics to take the day before, the day of (prior to the appt.) and the day after. The instructions say to take one hour before or two hours after you eat. Last night, I took it before I went to bed. Today, since I was supposed to take it before the HSG I took it before I ate. BIG mistake. About 45 minutes later while I was on the phone with my MIL, I got extremely nauseous and threw up all my medicine. Since my stomach was empty and the pills were blue my vomit was a ocean-y blue green color. Nice, huh? I decided to eat a bowl of cereal to calm my tummy, so I opted for Cheerios rather than Fruity Pebbles in case I had to vomit again, it wouldn't look like confetti. I took a hydrocodone (a giant 600mg ibuprofen) left over from my cerclage in January and about 2.5746 seconds later I threw that up too. Afterwards, I felt better but I just wasted all those meds for nothing. On the way to the appt. I took 2 more regular Advil and that stayed down.

They wouldn't let Mr. H in the room with me during the procedure. So he sat in the waiting room and watched Access Hollywood on a plasma screen TV and drank a cup of coffee, while I had all the fun. At first I emptied my bladder then changed into a flattering hospital type gown, then hopped onto a very uncomfortable, extremely hard table. It looked and felt like one of those air hockey tables, you find at movie theaters and arcades. I sat at the end and put my feet in stirrups. Then she inserted a speculum and inserted a catheter about the size of a stir stick (no turkey baster) into my cervix. I could feel it going in, but it didn't hurt. It was slightly uncomfortable though. It almost felt like someone was resetting my period button in my uterus like a tripped GFI plug. After the catheter was inserted, the speculum was removed and I was able to lay flat on my back in the middle of the table while she took x-rays of my uterus. I don't know why I thought they were going to be inserting a whole quart of fluid into my uterus, but they only sent up about 6 cc's of fluid. My uterus really isn't that big. I've only seen it on screen with an occupant in it, so it looked a little different this time around. It was empty.

I could see the fluid filling the uterus and travelling through the fallopian tubes, she took pictures and that was it. I was done. I went to clean up and realized there was more KY on me than anything else. She said there may be a little spotting, but no major bleeding should occur. So far, there hasn't been any bleeding or cramping, so that's good. The u/s tech said everything looked fine, but that the doctor would better interpret the details on Monday at my appt.

Then we went to lunch, because I was starving. The end.

Don't you all want to go get one now?


Becky said...

Glad that it went well! I had one done this time last year and it was slightly uncomfortable, but not painful. If I remember correctly it was uncomfortable like the cerclage being placed. It just felt like 'something' was there.

I'm glad that everything looked ok. Your cervix measurement was great! They say anything longer than 3cm is good. Although we both know that can change by the minute!

Did they also happen to mention that you have an increase in fertility following the HSG? We got pregnant with Riley that same cycle! Be careful unless you want an HSG souvenir!

meg said...

I'm glad it's over for you. It isn't that bad really. Sorry about the puking though. And I am so glad that the advil stayed down! I think the cramp I had was when the fluid hit my tube (the one where I had the ectopic). That caused an intense cramp, but it lasted a short time.

Take care of yourself, Monica. And I'm glad they're checking everything out so thoroughly.

mkv said...

They are such great fun, huh? I didn't realize you'd had a cerclage previously. Did Dr. B do it?

Monica H said...

Becky- yeah they were all thrilled over my cervical measurement, but that's how it was when my cerclage was placed and weekly it thinned away. So I don't really care what the measurement is, it doesn't mean anything to me. I've
heard of women getting pregnant right after an HSG, but we are being careful. If it happens great, but I won't be disappointed if it doesn't (well maybe just a little bit).

Meg- thanks for reassuring me that everything wopuld be okay and that I didn't have anything to fear.

mvk- Yup, I had a cerlage in January. Just a plain ol' vaginal cerclage. The stitch remained, but my cervix funneled then started to thin out drastically even while being on bed rest. Sucks huh?

Christyna said...

ok so I'll pass on getting one and live vicariously through yours? Sounds like all went well, let's hope the results on Monday go even better. Fingers crossed for you lady.

Kristi said...

Glad to hear that it wasn't too uncomfortable.

I hope this can bring you closer to answers.

Anonymous said...

hey monica,

i had one done too and it was just as you described, not really painful but a pain in the ass when it comes to discomfort. and that table, it was awful for me too. so had and uncomfortable.