Sunday, November 4, 2007

Strolling Down Memory Lane

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about the treasure chest Mr. H brought home from his parents house. It is a wooden chest that his Dad made for him filled with *stuff* from his childhood including toys, books and some clothing. We had to replace a broken caster off the bottom of the toy chest which meant that all that *stuff* had to come out forming a huge mound on our garage floor. Here's what I found.

A BIG pile of *stuff*

His PINK cowboy hat and boots!

His little horsey and duck with leather "feet" that flap when it's pushed.

A vintage F.isher P.rice airplane that carries 4 plastic (I mean "real") passengers and their luggage. Notice he's drinking a beer while he plays with his toys now ;)

A S.esame S.treet puzzle and a saw that really {{vibrates}}.

No collection would be complete without a Mr. P.otato H.ead, wooden trucks, a handmade "My First Book" and a race car pail and shovel.

And last but not least a paper mache clown wearing a parachute and a S.kedoodle (sister product to E.tch-A-S.ketch)

I was a little jealous going through all this stuff because 1) I never had a toy chest filled with toys and 2) Even if I had this stuff it would have been sold at a yard sale a long time ago. We were poor growing up, so if we wanted something new (from someone else's garage sale) we had to sell what we had in order to get it. I miss the stuff I had growing up.


meg said...

Those toys are amazing. I have nothing from my childhood. I think everything got thrown out, so I'm totally jealous too! Especially that pink cowboy hat. I really like that.

ms. G said...

I love the pink hat!! How very open minded of your hubby, and so young too! I had that same airplane, if I remember right, it was for Fisher Price Little People, of which I still love the old wooden ones, instead of the new safer plastic ones.

Monica said...

How many hours did Sam play with his toys? That must have been a pretty large chest! You are going to keep that stuff right? Especially the shoes, I just love baby shoes. And what's up with Autumn only getting a nose shot? She deserves a full body shot.

I'm with you on the jealousy. All my toys were wooden. No we weren't Amish. I never had a Barbie doll because my mom was a feminist and she wanted me to play with wooden cars and trains instead. Look where that got me. My dad did buy me one Barbie and smuggled it in the house (it was the "My Sequins" Barbie and it has a pink sequin dress. Hey, is that how you spell sequins cause it looks weird? Anyhoo, it had a place for you to put earrings in and I loved it. But my mom threw it away when she found it. But I retrieved it from the trash can and gave her a proper burial in a dirt bed next to the house. In a nutshell, I want more Autumn pics.

The Nanny said...

The expression on your hubby's face wearing the pink hat is priceless :-)

I have very few things from when I was a kid, but they're mostly all chewed up/torn apart/etc. (They had to go through me, and then my younger sister!) But I still have my baby dolls. I'll always keep them.

Have a great day!

Kristi said...

We get rid of all of our old Barbies & most of our other toys. I had received a green metal truck & trailer for Christmas in the 2nd grade. My niece & nephews still play with that!

Can DH & I come over to play?

Monica H said...

Meg and Ms.G and Nanny- Ilove the cowboy hat too. He has that goofy look on his face because He was holding back laughter. He was downing a Bud light in the picture and thought it was hilarious. He is so cute though :)

Monica- I will most certainly post some picture of Autumn within the next couple days. I have plenty of them to chose from.

Kristi- Why certainly you can come over and play. I have a small box of nappy-headed naked Barbies if you are interested. Can you bring some PB&J sanwiches?