Friday, November 16, 2007


My favorite radio station is now playing 24 hours of Christmas music until December 26th. It has been in the 80's outside everyday for I don't know how long. When is it going to get cold? Why are they playing Christmas music? It's not even Thanksgiving yet. Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays and I sing along to all the Christmas carols, but it's not right. I'm a little disturbed and it has just begun.

Updated: I got my first Christmas card in the mail today. Granted it was from Hallmark, but it still counts if it was addressed to me and it has a snowman and a penguin on a sled on the front. Mr. H says it doesn't count, I say it does. I think I'm going to start sending out Valentine's Day cards, just to get a head start :)


The Nanny said...

I've actually seen three or four houses with Christmas lights up. I don't mind the Christmas music (cause I LOVE it) but lights already? Come on, people! :-)

ms. G said...

Yep, as much as I use to love Christmas (now I'm not sure, since's M death) I hate how every year they force it on us sooner and sooner. I heard Christmas music in a store the other day, I was NOT ready for it.

I love your idea about Valentine's Day cards. :) Wouldn't that be funny?

Christyna said...

HA HA HA it actually is snowing here right now, which is a welcomed shock, it barely snowed last year and I like boarding. The cards, music and stores are killing me, I've had Christmas shoved on me since before Halloween came!! I dare you to send out Valentine's cards early, it would crack me up!!