Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Magic Wands & Turkey Basters

I had an appointment with Dr. I today. But before that I had an ultrasound with a male u/s tech. (I'll call him E.) I've never had a male tech before, much less a 60 year old one. And he was super nice (probably my favorite to date). Unlike many other sonographers, he told me what he was looking at on the screen and explained as he went along. The others I've had just do the sonogram, then leave it up to the doc to give you the results. I got to use the magic wand today (!!!) because my bladder wasn't full enough to see anything the other way. They did not tell me to come in with a full bladder, so I didn't. I've had doctors tell me that it doesn't make any difference and others tell me that I have to drink plenty of water beforehand. I personally think that they get better 'pictures' using the wand and it doesn't hurt. When they push that thingy into your belly, it hurts. Am I the only one? I was telling Mr. H how thrilled about it I was and how it brought back many memories of my pelvic/bed rest days. For several weeks, that was the most action I received.

Anyway, E. measured my uterus and said it looked "beautiful" and "perfect"!!! (Did I mention he is my fave?) He then measured my cervix and it was measuring 3.77 cm. E. said anything over 3 was good and normal (there goes that word again). He looked at my ovaries and there were a bunch (!) of dark round spots on them. He asked if I have ever been diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). I have had cysts on my ovaries that have burst before (major OUCH! In fact worse than labor pains!), but never have they mentioned PCOS. He said that women who have this, often have difficulty ovulating and have irregular periods. HELLO!!! that's me. Now I know why I was so dang late and why I'm not ovulating. And the other ignorant doctor just wanted to put me on birth control. That still ticks me off! E. said I had "textbook" ovaries. Whatever that means. I asked the doctor about this and she did not seem concerned and she said I didn't need to be either. I haven't read up on it (so correct me if I'm wrong) but the most it can do is keep you from getting pregnant (or at least make it more difficult). But since that has never been a problem for me (knock on wood, say a prayer, cross your fingers, toss some salt over your shoulder) she didn't think it was an issue to be concerned about. She said I had enough to worry about, so I'm going to trust her on this.

Also, I am having a HSG tomorrow at noon. Supposedly, there is cramping involved. I'm pretty good with pain, but when I'm expecting it, I get a little crazy anticipating the worst. I read up on it, but I'm still kind of nervous about it. I didn't think I would be getting it done so quickly, or I would have waxed. No not really, that would probably hurt more than the actual procedure. They have to insert "contrast fluid" into my uterus, then take an u/s. How do they get it in there? I mean I'm not totally clueless, but really, what exactly is the process for getting dye up in there? Do they use their left over turkey baster that will be retired until next year to get the job done? Does it hurt, other than the cramping afterwards? And where exactly does all that "contrast fluid" go, when they're done? How much stuff is going up there? I have no idea, but they sent me home with some antibiotics to take before and after. I hope everything goes well. I'll fill you in on all the details tomorrow, in case any of you were planning on getting one for the sheer fun of it. Wish me luck.


meg said...

I had the HSG and it's not that bad. I would take some advil beforehand though. The cramping, for me, was very intense, but lasted for a very short (second or two) time.

I can't remember how they get the dye up there, but that part doesn't hurt. It must be something like a turkey baster, I think--maybe what they use for an IUI? And I think it just kinda all comes out on the table, after they're done. It's not that bad, if I remember correctly.

The endometrial biopsy was much worse, that I had a couple of weeks ago. But I would take the advil, for sure and look it up on web md or something like that.

The Nanny said...

GOOD LUCK, and E. sounds like a great u/s tech. I hope you get him again. It's frustrating that the other dr wanted you on b.c. when really it was something entirely different--pcos! Good grief!

Kristi said...

I have no idea what the HSG involves, but I hope it brings you closer to an answer.

Glad to hear that your uterus is 'perfect' & your cervix is 'normal'!!


Christyna said...

Good luck even tho you've probably already been there and finished by now...

Heidi said...

PCOS is nothing big to worry about. My SIL was diagnosed with that in Nov/Dec 2006 and thought she'd never have children and she was pregnant in January and had Jackson on Oct. 17th. From what I read, in times past, it was a much bigger deal, but now it is highly treatable.

Glad your procedures went okay.